Many people are confused about what to buy as a gift on Valentine’s day. And when you search on google you are bombarded with expensive Valentine gifts that are not that practical for you and your loved one. So how can you choose the best Valentine’s gift this season?

Well for those new on the website I have already written a pretty nice way to celebrate valentine’s day this season. I suggest you go through it. That is probably the best overall gift you can give to anyone on Valentine’s day.

And here are the top 10 Valentines Day gifts for men:

Cupid Advice: While selecting the gift select something your partner loves. If you are planning to give just another generic gift without any research or thought you were doomed to fail from the start. So make sure you choose a gift that suits your partner.


1) Matching Figurines

Many people are fans of one or the other superhero or characters from their childhood. They just are. What exactly your partner is a fan of will depend on their life so far. I personally am a fan of naruto for example. That is a great gift for someone like me.

Similarly, find what your partner loves and get a matching partner figurine. A symbol of love associated with their childhood can deepen your love and bond. It’s also memorable and unique so they will be sure to cherish it.

2) Couple items

Couple items are another great choice that can never go wrong. Simply because of the emotions and love associated with it. It should also be something useful. Matching cups or matching shirts are great examples of romantic couple gifts for Valentine’s day.

valentines gifts

Make sure to personalize the gift if possible to get the extra special effect you are looking for. Time to be romantic guys and girls.

3) A pet

Getting a cute puppy or a kitten is a perfect gift for couples living together or planning to live together. Pretty much everyone likes animals so I’m sure you will find at least one pet to share between you and your partner.

gift valentines

Some people are allergic to animals. Make sure you do proper background research before getting a pet as a valentines gift

4) A Thoughtful Gift

This a gift that you select to help your partner in some or the other way. Suppose your partner works late at night from their laptop. Getting them an adjustable table with a comfy chair is the best gift for them. Your behavior of caring for them is the best gift any person can ask for.


This is just an example to prove a point. Similarly, you can get them things, that they wanted to buy but couldn’t due to one or the other issue. This way you can be more caring and loving this valentine’s day.

5) A Romantic Vacation

A romantic vacation is a perfect gift for couples who are generally too busy to spend a romantic time together. It’s a good opportunity to travel and spend time with your loved one.

valentine's day

Vacations are on the expensive side of gifts. But they are always a great choice for working people who are not having enough romance with their partners. A vacation can save marriages trust me on that.

6) Naughty Things

Being naughty and in love on Valentine’s day is kind of the whole point of valentines day. Getting some naughty and kinky gifts that your partner will love along with some naughty clothes that can give you a wild night.

valentine's day

Cupid Note: Experienced couples only

7) A Hot Massage

If you mess up and forget your Valentine’s day gift or if you want to spice up the day.  A hot massage can make a lot of difference. Make sure to at least watch a couple of youtube tutorials on giving massages just so that you don’t mess up.

8)Homemade Items

Nothing beats homemade items as gifts. This should actually rank on number 1 but unfortunately, many people are so busy that they cannot afford the time. They would rather afford the money. So for those reasons homemade items were moved down on the list.

valentine's day

If you have the time and are willing to put the effort than this gift is worth much more than others. You can make anything you are good at. A sweater or a scarf. Even a handmade necklace or bracelet can mean the world to your partner. Be creative. Youtube is your guide if you feel lost.

9) Electronic Items

For tech-savvy men and women, electronic items are one of the best valentine’s gifts. depending on what you buy they can range from cheap to expensive. It’s completely up to you.

perfect gift couples

From earphones to iPhones you can gift your partner something that they do not have and would probably match their existing collection. Be smart and do some research.

10) Teddy bears just have to be on the list 

This is especially for girls. The majority of girls, especially younger girls prefer teddy bears as gifts. As cliche as it may sound it always works. And trust me they are emotionally attached to the teddy bears. Do not mess with their teddies even by mistake. Its personal experience, trust me you will regret it.

perfect gift couples

It is also a cute add on valentines gift along with other gifts you might be giving.

Final words

As simple as this guide may be the research, time and effort you will be putting to find what your partner loves is not easy. If you expect your relationship to stay strong just by you buying something on amazon sale. You are heading for trouble in more ways than one.

Take some time, do some proper research on your partner and then buy a gift that the person will love. Trust me they will be forever grateful for having such a caring and considerate partner.

I hope this guide on perfect Valentine’s gift for couples has been informative for you and I thank you for reading.


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