30 Signs your stuck in the friend zone (Practical steps to confirm)

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Wondering if you are stuck in the friend zone..?? Still not sure if you messed it up or not. Check out the following signs to know if you have messed up in your chances and entered the dreaded friendzone. Or worse the deadly bro zone

What exactly is the friend zone..??

Cupid answers: Friendzone is that category where the other person gets all the benefits of the relationship they want from you and you get nothing.

According to the dictionary:

The situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other person but gets no response.

Men tend to end up more in the friend zone because they approach dating with being the best friend angle. They also make the most common mistakes in dating, which drop them straight into the friend zone.

Here are the top 30 signs you have entered the dreaded friend-zone.

Symptoms and signs of being friend-zoned:

1) Caller-Boy not in a good way

She calls you up whenever she is bored or on late nights to talk to you. You are her back up plan for all occasions. Her crush is the main dish and your side dish. Your her entertainment she calls up when she has nothing else to do. An obvious sign you have been friend-zoned.

calling again and again


2)Late Night Chat Friend

She chats with you at night when she is not feeling sleepy or is bored. The late-night never-ending chats. Similar to the call boy point, you are nothing but a time pass entertainment toy to her. If this is happening with you, my friend, then you are clearly in the friend zone.


3) The Half boyfriend

She invites you for shopping and other places for dates just like a boyfriend but calls you a best friend instead. You do all the things girls like to do, but there are no romantic interactions, especially there are no physical interactions such as kissing. Congratulations you have become the president of the friend zone.


4)Caring friend signs

She sympathizes with you often and tries to be a good listening friend. She will not do anything other than listening. This is the key point. A clear sign that your just a friend nothing more.

5) No Touchy Feely

She touches you regularly and even hugs you, BUT she will never kiss you, nor will she sleep with you and let you get physical. No make-out sessions. Getting touched is not a big achievement. Guys don`t misunderstand friendly touching for attraction. Romantic touching is very different. She will never let you go if she liked you.


6) Halt thy advance

Every time you try to touch her or make an advance towards her, she moves back, avoids you for a couple of days and then comes back. The classic cold shoulder to put you in place. This is a warning that you tried to exit the friend zone, but you are not allowed.

friendzone bro zone

7) Wingman wingman

She calls you her best friend and checkouts other guys when she is with you. Worse she will ask you to set up dates with other guys. If this is happening, then you are reaching the pinnacle of the friend zone. Read the cupid guides to get out of the friend zone.


8)Cutesy pet names

Having pet names and overly friendly pics without any romance is friendzone buddy. Best examples are those weird dog selfies and cutesy stuff. Girls want entertainment and drama, and you are her daily source. Welcome to the cutesy weird friendzone


9)Wrong adjectives used

You are called cute, silly, and shy instead of manly dashing and handsome. This, my friend, is the biggest sign of getting the one-way friendzone ticket. You’re a gentleman with class. Not a cute puppy. Show her that. Unless you show her the traits of a real gentleman, you will be forever friend-zoned.


10) You’re her cupid

She tells you about other guys she likes and asks you for advice. This is the next level of a wingman. She wants the love advice so that she can get laid while your digging your own grave. Friendzone medal is yours for the taking if this is happening with you. Stop helping her have some self-respect brother.

friend zone

11) Three is not a date

She brings other people while going out when it should be only the two of you. This is a clear sign she is not interested in you. If she were interested in you, she would try to be alone with you. Three people together is never a date. This means you have been tricked into the friend zone.

12) Overly Casual

She appears overly casual in front of you. Yes, guys, this is a terrible sign, not a good sign. A girl will try her best to look amazing in front of you. She will try her best to be a classy lady. She too wants to impress the man she likes. If she doesn’t care how she looks when she is with you. You’ve reached the friend zone.

zone bro zone

13) No action scenes for you

You watch movies, and god forbid the entire series together without any romance happening. Watching movies together and getting physical is a sign of romantic interest. Kisses, cuddles are required. If you didn`t get any action, then your movie has ended in just a friend’s category.

14) Bed-zoned

You guys slept together without doing any romance. This is impossible if there is any romantic interest. A whole new level of friendzone I like to call bed zoned. I have no idea how guys manage to get so deep into the friend zone. But a lot of men are getting into the bed zone these days.

zone bro zone

15)The best friend dilemma

Her family and friends know you as her best friend. Family is acceptable, but if even her friends don`t tease you telling you that you are perfect couples than there is a big problem. Always notice her reaction when her friends tease a shy, embarrassed reaction is a good sign. An aggressive reaction is bad. It means she does not want to be associated with you romantically. Friendzone warning guys.

friend zone

16) The supporter role

Your her supporter and her shoulder in times of need. This is bad if the only thing you are to her is a supporter and nothing else. Unless you’re already dating you being her everyday supporter is a bad thing. Girls want to share their feeling and emotions. It’s not a sign of attraction. Being a constant supporter is a shortcut to friendzone.

17) Never-ending Favours

You always end up doing favors for her. Your nothing short of being her slave. This is bad, learn to say no. Reject her. You have your own life. Your life has a higher priority. Once you show her your manly side, you will automatically start exiting the friend zone. This is especially true with hot girls. They are used to having plenty of slaves (nice guys) best guy friends. But when she sees a man who is not swayed by her beauty, she becomes interested in you.

friend zone

18) Your Not dating material

She tries to set you up with her friends. This is a bad sign if you want to impress her. She is not interested in you, and this is her way of getting rid of you. Friendzone 101. If you find out that she isn’t going to yours, you might as well use her to get other dates. Just make sure the girls she introduces you to are worth your while.


19)You’re her life coach

You help her with all her problems. She needs your advice and tips for everything. This is similar to being her slave. Learn to say no. She has to learn your value. Without you, she should feel incomplete only then will she consider dating you. Learn to say no and get out of the friend zone.

true love mistake in dating

20) Not even if I`m drunk

She’s drunk, and still, you get no signs. If you are getting drunk together. Then there should be romantic sparks. She must kiss you or trying making out with you. If none of those things is happening, then you are entering the friend zone. Get out, fast guys.

21) Hook up talk

She talks about her hookups. A horrible and clear sign if she tells you how much she got pounded last night. The worst part of being in the friend zone. If this is happening leave immediately. Your emotional health is at risk. So the course of action is to distance yourself. Have some self-respect and self-love. Only then can you become the perfect gentleman.


22) I’m not fond of you

She avoids being seen with you alone. She always brings others. She will cancel plans which include only the two of you. In other words, she doesn’t want to be alone with or be seen with you. A clear sign you messed up and might as well end up in the friend zone or even worse blocked zone.

friend zone


23) I don`t mind changing

If your crush is comfortable dressing awkwardly, fixing her clothes around you and even changing around you. You just entered a very awkward level of the friend zone, Also known as the bro zone. Now a girl will be really shy when she is changing with someone she likes. They are automatically aware of your presence, and thus, she cannot change in front of you. Shyness is a positive sign. Otherwise, you’re entering the bro zone.

24) Her rules, not yours

You always end up doing what she wants to do and not what you want to do. Your her lackey so to speak. If this is happening with you running away. She has no respect for you and you’re in a worse place then the friend zone. Breakthrough the friend zone using the personality and physical traits guide or get away from her. She`s poisonous to your dating life.

friend zone


25) The universal cliche

You deserve someone better. If you have heard this line, then you are already the king of the friend zone. You have been gloriously rejected because you did not meet her requirements. An obvious sign of getting rejected by her due to lack of skills and attributes. Women want to use you so they will try to put you in the friend zone. Do not stay there; I repeat, do not remain in the friend zone.



26) Friendship conundrum

Our friendship is too precious for me. This is an obvious rejection guy. She wants the befits of being with you without dating you. Why should you be free? Have some self-respect and let her go. Clear your intentions and if she still wants friendship, then leave immediately. Your emotional health and well being is more important. Why should you suffer to make her happy? Think about it. Learn the skills and find a better girl.

friend zone


27) Caller-boy version 2

She never calls you but tells you to call her. This my friends is slavery in the modern world. You are more important than her. Your happiness is more important. Realize this fact. Only then can you break out of the friend zone. She wants some entertainment, and you are her source. This is bad for you so get away from her.

28) Actionless dates

If you have too many casual dates without anything going on between you two, then you are entering the friend zone. This is one of those take action right now signs. You need to get physical after three dates. If not, you are messing up your chances of dating her. Learn the skills of being a gentleman, and you will never see a friend zone again.


29) Friends show the signs

Her friends tell you that they are in the friend zone. If this is happening with you, then stop daydreaming and take action. If she is interested in you, then her friends will tease you calling you ideal couples, etc. If none of these things are happening, then welcome to the friend zone.

friend zone

30) No flirting with me

She does not flirt back with you. If she is not responding to your flirts, it means she got bored with you and is no longer interested in a romantic relationship with you. Friendzone alert guys. Learn the art of flirting from the Cupid, and you will never have this issue again.


That’s it guys these are signs which indicated that you have ended up in the friend zone. If you want to get out of the friend, then I recommend you master the traits of the gentleman and read the cupid’s guide of getting out of the friend zone.

If you liked the article, then do share it with friends who need it. Many guys are still unable to tell if they have been friend-zoned. Help them open their eyes and face reality.

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Happy Hunting Gentleman.

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