How to Find Out if she likes you…!!! (21 Indicators of Interest)


Do you want to know if that cute girl is in love with you, or was that just a casual smile ?? Understanding what girls are thinking is not an easy job. That I assure you. But it’s not an impossible one either. So how can you know if she likes you? Afterall women in love are not exactly easy to understand for men.

So I have tried to be as thorough as possible so that I can give the best possible answer to the questions which have been troubling guys since the beginning of time. Now without further beating around the bush here are the top 21 signs she is interested in you:

1)Her stare:

She stares at you when you’re not looking. And gets embarrassed when you catch her staring at you. She will avert her eyes at first, but as soon as you turn away, she will look at you. This should happen a lot. Not just once or twice. Do note that fact. It’s easy to misunderstand this signal so beware. This is a sign that she likes you. Women in love tend to look at the target of their affection every chance they get.

body language she loves you

2)Her touch

She tries to touch you a lot frequently, even during situations where there is no need to feel and tries to touch you longer than necessary. She will hug you a lot. Side hugs don’t count. Hugs will last for longer than 5 secs. She wants to hold and cuddle you so obviously she will lose track of time. If you touch her, she might get embarrassed, but she will come even closer to you. This is a visible sign that she is interested in you and wants to be more than friends.

girls she loves you

3)You are so funny

She will laugh at every little joke you make. Even if the joke was lame. She will always be extra supportive of everything you say and defend you if anyone says something negative about you. She will even laugh and jokes which are plain stupid and which make your friends cringe. She will also act childishly in front of you. She might act like a  mature person. But she will show you her childish funny side. The amount of childishness will vary depending on the personality of the girls. So it’s a relative measure. Women in love are childish with the one they love.

gentleman with a sense of humour girls signs of interest

4)My Precious

She doesn’t like other women flirting and touching you. She will get irritated and won’t explain why she is like that. Women tend to be possessive of things they love. It’s a sign that she likes you. So, notice for signs when she gets mad because you talked or flirted with other women. She might even hit or punch you just because you flirted with other women. She likely won’t tell the reason for that you though. But you now know, don’t you?

flirting man girls signs of interest

5)Extra love baby

She is always extra helpful to you and only you. She will make your food and try to take care of you. She will feel protective of you and do things that go beyond the level of friendship. Things like help you take a bath and wash your back while she is at it. She will also help you with changing clothes etc. She will get extra comfortable at your house as well. Sleep in your bed and act like she’s part of your family.

When a girl is shy and still makes attempts to be more than friends with you. You can take that as a good sign of attraction.

girls signs of interest


She gives obvious flirtations indicating that she would like a relationship with you. Comments like “you would make an awesome husband”, or “what would it take for me to seduce you”. Explicitly stated flirts which are bold are indications that she likes you. Do note that I just said explicitly. Do not mistake them for general flirting. Also, she will text you every chance she gets. Like every day, you will get a good morning, goodnight message. This should happen for more than a month though to be sure.

Girls behavior is a better indicator than their words. They prefer expressing their emotions with behavior rather than words. This is probably why we men mess up so much. We are hopeless when it comes to reading a women’s body language. Especially when it comes to women in love.

girls signs of interest

7)S*x Chats

She initiates s*xual topics for chats. She might ask you intimate details about what you like in bed, your fantasies. And she might even ask you flirty questions like what are you wearing underneath what’s your size etc. She might also try to convince you to have phone s*x. These are obvious signs that she is interested in you and depending upon the age, and the actions will vary. Make sure to take that into account.

If she is trying to arouse you by setting and pictures. It means she is interested. Make sure you are turning her on as well…!!

8)A Girls Valentines Gift

Okay, this one is pretty straightforward. She gives you chocolates on valentine’s day. Especially handmade chocolates are a clear indication that she is interested in you. Note depending on where you live the tradition might differ a bit. But handmade chocolates are a sign that she likes you. Do enjoy the chocolates.

comforting perfect gentleman women in love

9)Girls Cupid Friends

Her close friends tell you that she is available and tease you with her name. They will try to be cupids and set you up with her. Call you to meet them and leave you alone with her etc. If you see something like this happening more than once you can be sure she likes you. Note that this has to happen more than once. Once it is not good enough. Her close friends might even tell you that she is in love with you. If that happens that you’re pretty lucky, aren’t you…??


She lets you become too intimate with her, such as sleeping in her lap, sleeping in the same bed, bathing together, sleeping while cuddling you, etc. You can be sure she sees you as more than a friend. She might even kiss you. And get quite physical if you know what I mean.

What she says and what she does might not be the same. But in such cases, she might be the tsundere type. Where she wants one thing but says another. Evaluate her actions and behavior, as well as her words.

girls in love

11)Privacy, please…!!

She tries to be alone with you. And only with you. She will make plans and situations when it is only you two no one else. She will take you away from the group to be alone with you. She will even ditch her friends to be with you. You are her priority. She will also make special surprises just for you. Or make similar gestures showing affection. Notice these signs. She likes you, lucky guy.

women in love signs she in interested in you

12) I’m the first girl

She wants to be your first in everything first one to congratulate you, wish you on your birthday, the first one to wish you in the morning, etc. she gets upset if she is second. Being overly concerned about everything you say is a sign of her being interested in you. Though even best friends might act like this if you find other signs with this, then you can be sure she wants to be more than friends.

gaming couple she likes you women in love

13)Her Unique Gifts

She buys you expensive gifts or makes special handcrafted gifts just for you. Gifts which take a lot of effort to make are made only for special people. Women don’t put that much dedication for someone they don’t like. A unique difficult to make a gift requires hard work and commitment; she will only do this for someone she truly loves. So, you’re fortunate if you get one.

fantasy box girls love signs of interest

14)Only Yours

She hates it when you suggest jokes that she should date a guy. Or get married to someone else. She only wants to be yours. If you do something to show that you don’t want her to be with you. She will get annoyed. The context of the situation does matter, though, so proceed carefully.

women in love

15)Girls Perfect memory

She remembers every little detail you tell her. Even things that you said when you were a kid. Women in love tend not to forget things said by the person they love. So, she will remember every little thing you did to the perfect detail. She notices everything about your clothes and hairstyle, even your shoes. Even the slightest change is not missed. She might also tell you things like your shoes are not matching belt today etc. This is also a sign of interest.

16) Subconscious Copy me

She starts mimicking your words and behavior. For, eg the words and slangs you use will be copied by her. She will use all your favorite dialogues. She will also use the same things you do. The same brand books, the same food, etc. Also, her sitting style will be the same as you. She will subconsciously mimic your every move. It needs to happen a lot for you to be sure.

But people tend to mimic the person they are interested in subconsciously. They might not even be aware that they are doing it.

she likes you

17)I want to know everything about you

She wants to know everything there is to know about you. Starting from your birthday to your clothes size and stuff you generally haven’t told her. Women in love will spend a lot of time gathering information about the one they love. They might even tell one of their friends to look up information and run a free background check on you. It’s a sign she likes you. Girls tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the person they love.

she likes you girls and women in love

18)Together forever

Her profile pics and wallpapers are pictures of you and her together. In every situation, she will try to keep pics that have you and her only. It’s her way of being with you together. You might think it’s childish, but a lot of women do that. It’s their way of showing possession. It says he’s mine don’t bother looking at him(subconscious message to other women)

she likes you ideal man

19)A Girls Never-ending calls

She never cuts the call. She will ask any question or use any idea so that you would keep talking to her on the call. She will call you daily, and your talks will last for more than hours at a time. She will use any and every topic to keep the conversation going. You can be sure she wants to be more than friends. This has to happen for a long time once a week does not count. She might even start drunk dialing you. And confess to you while drunk. People tend to be more honest when they are drunk, Afterall she likes you.

she likes you women in love

20) A Women’s Body language

Although it’s difficult to tell for us boys, women tend to show more via their body language rather than words. And since boys are clueless about body language, it’s challenging for boys to notice these things.

Things like playing with their hair. Showing her neck, showing her cleavage. And showing off her assets in front of you is a sign of interest.

she likes you women in love

21)A Girls Promises

She will make embarrassing promises like if we don’t find a soulmate, we will get married to each other at age 30, etc. It’s a sign she wants to be more than a friend, and she wants you to take the initiative. Though misleading it might indicate what she wants. Women are emotional beings when it comes to love. They depend on how they feel compared to boys who are more logical in making decisions related to relationships.

Notice her behavior rather than words. Her behavior is a better indicator that she likes you or not.

Last moment tips:

  • Skinship and touch may vary depending on the reason. French are more open to touching and kissing, and it is a form of greeting. Not necessarily a sign that she likes you.
  • Similarly, in countries like India, kissing is a sign of romance and not greeting. Make sure to take regional differences into account.
  • Do not try to rationalize the behavior of girls. Their behavior is based on what they feel and show and not what they are saying. On many occasions men misunderstand. Especially on text and phone because we cannot see what they are doing.
  • Don`t be the one to confess. Take your time and have fun in the art of flirting and romance — generally its better to be prude than explicit when it comes to women in love.

If she does not like you then you can try the following two guides to make her fall in love with you:

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That’s all folks. Do share the website and articles to show your support. We need to spread the message so that we can help guys and girls all over the world understand the complicated world of dating.


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