15 Physical Qualities of the Desirable Man

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Physical qualities play a key role in attracting girls and making them fall in love with you. A perfect gentleman needs to know the importance of their attraction when it comes to dating and the art of romance. Being a desirable man is the key to attracting girls.

Have you always wondered which traits you were lacking…?? What made the other guys get lots of girls and you, on the other hand, never don’t even get a chance to talk to a girl.  You must have heard girls saying they want a handsome, cool, attractive, dashing, etc. But do you know what girls mean by handsome and dashing…??

Avoid common mistakes made by men and become the perfect gentleman for every woman. And the best part it’s not that hard…!!!

Physical Qualities of a perfect gentleman that make girls fall in love with you

Just what is the definition of handsome, cool, dashing, etc….???

Cupid Answers: All these adjectives are girl’s subconscious mind telling her that you are attractive and an ideal gentleman to be her life partner. You by showing your manly qualities attract her subconscious mind making her feel you are the one she needs — the perfect gentleman.

Which qualities are the most important? Fear not, the cupid has your back. Let me give you an in-depth guide on the qualities of a perfect gentleman and make girls want you badly!!!

If you think I am kidding. Try wearing a very expensive suit. Just go to a trial room and try the most expensive suite. Notice how you feel. You will feel as if you’re looking at the better version of yourself. The goal is to make you a better person and make you more desirable. You might think geez that’s common sense. But the reality is common sense is hardly ever common practice.

All the handsome and dashing, etc. mumbo jumbo is the way women express their emotions of attraction towards a desirable man.


This Guide has two parts.

  1. Physical attributes
  2. Personality skills

This guide only deals with physical qualities. For personality, guide, check out the link below.

Link: Personality traits of the perfect gentleman

So let’s begin

1) Hairstyle

perfect gentleman hairstyle

Why you need it:

Your hairstyle is one of the first things a women notices when she sees you. And the reality is appearance matters. No one falls in love with your personality at first sight. Getting a good hairstyle makes you look attractive and increases your chances of success. No funky hairs, please. In order for your true personality to make her fall in love with you. You must first get close to her. When you look good you can easily open the door to her heart.

How to do it:

Get the right hairstyle that suits your face and personality. Something that can complement your natural features and your good looks. Ask a stylist or your barber on recommendations on which hairstyle will suit you. I obviously cannot recommend which haircut suits you. That’s something you have to figure out on your own. Also, use a great shampoo and conditioner. Take care of your hair. Girls don’t want to date an old guy who is losing hair and going bald and has dandruff. They want a perfect prince charming. Take care that your hair is clean and stylish.


2) Nails

desirable man qualities women in love

Why you need it:

Girls like to be clean. Just see how many beauty products exist for women for that very purpose. And as such they want their men to be clean as well. Not only that having long nails can be troublesome, especially when you are making out. The last thing you want is to spoil a makeout session.

Be a desirable man both in bed and while going out with her.

How to do it:

Cut them every week no I’m not kidding keep them properly cut and clean. Girls hate dirty nails; even your toenails need to be cleaned. Always be at your best. It will make you feel confident in general and help you get popular with the ladies and be the perfect boyfriend. It’s a good habit as well, which will keep you healthy in the long run.


3)Clean, stylish Clothes-

desirable perfect gentleman

Why you need it:

Looks matter in every aspect of your life. You cannot go to an interview wearing tattered clothes, no matter how talented you are. Similarly, when you’re picking up girls, you need to look like a king. Someone who has everything he needs and is a perfect gentleman. When you dress well you give the impression that you are amazing and that you do not need to depend on anyone.

How to do it:

Dress well to impress. Choose clothes which suit your physique. It’s essential for you to be aware of the latest fashion trends. Wear clothes which show style and class. Read a couple of men’s fashion magazines. Most importantly, always wear clean, adequately washed, and ironed clothes. It makes you look independent, mature, and desirable man


3) Shoes and Belt

Why you need it:

With a great outfit, you always need a good pair of shoes. You cannot wear slippers with a suit. It’s an obvious step after getting well dressed. You also need a good belt if you are wearing formals. You look much polished and give out the perfect gentleman vibe. Women cannot resist it. Pay attention to the shoes.

How to do it:

Girls notice shoes and the belt. It’s common, so keep them clean and well-matched. Wear something which suits your clothes. Girls love a guy with a fashion sense. So, learn to develop one. Good looks matter a lot. Some time in the grooming department can help you be the desirable man for your girl.

Looks determine the way world looks at you. Change the things you can control so that you become a better person.


5) Cleanliness

clean gentleman

Why you need it:

Reality check: no one likes messy and smelly men. No one period. If you want to be attractive, get your act together. Clean everything you can about you. That’s the only way to attract really good quality girls in your life. You will also become more healthy and a more desirable man to women all around you.

How to do it:

Be as clean as possible. Never be messy when in front of girls. No one likes that. Eat appropriately without messing up your clothes. Keep your clothes clean, as I mentioned before. Keep your surroundings clean. Especially your house, your room and your belongings such as cupboard college sacks, bags, etc. You need to look responsible, calm, and dependable. If you want to get lucky with her, then clean up everything in your life. She won’t make out with you when your room is a mess and smells like someone threw up in there. Be the perfect gentleman, please don’t mess up the easy stuff.


6) Smell

women in love with gentleman

Why you need it:

Girls are very sensitive to perfume and fragrances. They tend to avoid guys who smell bad. They want to be comforted and feel great and be hugged by a man. For this reason, you need to smell like a breath of fresh hair. She won`t be kissing you if you smell bad. That’s not the image of her perfect boyfriend. Making out requires preparation.

How to do it:

If you sweat a lot, bath twice a day. Use a good cologne and use it lightly don’t use too much. You want her to enjoy your smell. Not suffocate in it. Use good soaps and shampoo to be neat and clean. Learn to be fresh and smell good. A great body fragrance can make a girl instantly wet. So do put some time into improving your scent.


7)The perfect body build

body perfect gentleman

Why you need it:

Girls like well-built guys who are tall and handsome. That’s the fact. She wants to have healthy babies after-all if you know what I mean. A girl’s subconscious mind will be attracted to your physique height. This is the real reason why girls think you are hot or sexy. You need to have a fabulous physique. This is the most crucial factor in attraction, so do this right.

How to do it:

Workout and develop a great body. It will boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Lose that giant belly. Not only will you get healthier, but the chances of you getting super popular with the girls will also increase a lot. A great body shows great personality and good genes. Workout, join the gym get a hot working body which will also make you physically fit.

You will be healthy, live longer and be more productive in life.

8) Body posture

body posture of desirable man

Why you need it:

The definition of being cool is your body posture. The way you walk and hold yourself gives you the classy gentleman vibe that every girl dreams of. Look at all the James Bond actors. The way they carry themselves is a perfect example of excellent body posture. When you have a hunched back you ain’t gonna get lucky.

How to do it:

Keep an erect back check how you stand in a mirror and check what you can do to improve it. Don’t be a slouch and an old man. Stand tall. When you’re standing correctly, you look the tallest. Best to show off your height. Even if you’re not tall. You won’t look short at least, which is a huge win. How you sit, talk, walk and hold yourself matters a lot. Learn to perfect your body posture and style. And you will get lucky every day.


9) Height

women in love with desirable man

Why you need it:

This is one thing girls are very cautious of. I know it’s not fair, but that’s the world we live in. A girl will not date someone shorter than her. There might be a few exceptions to that, but that’s mainly because those guys have mastered all the cupid teachings. You can do it too. But 10/10 girls I asked gave preference to height. That’s just how life is.

How to do it:

If your still young and under the age of 21, try to get tall by doing all the things you can to increase your height. Supplements, gym training, specialized workouts, healthy foods, etc. can all help you get taller.

Try your best. It makes a lot of difference. A girl will always want a boyfriend who is taller than her. That’s a fact. But if you aren’t that tall and your already past 21. Then you can do all the other things correctly. This will increase your chances of making girls fall in love with you. I won’t sugarcoat anything since that’s not how the cupid way works.

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10) Face and looks

smile desirable man qualities women in love

Why you need it:

Your face is the first thing girls notice. I know not everyone is good looking, but that is not something that should stop you. Take care of your looks to improve them as much as you can. Even if it’s just by 1%. Looks of a person matter a lot. They won’t fall in love with your personality only by looking at you. Use your common sense. Be attractive.

How to do it:

Keep your face clean. Wash your face regularly. Get a great hairstyle. No pimples marks or any other weird stuff. Use a good soap. Have a great beard and mustache and keep following the cupid guides for more helpful tips and guides.


qualities women in love

Why you need it:

When you are smiling at her or kissing her, the first thing a girl notices are your teeth. Now imagine ugly broken smelly yellow teeth. Do you feel like kissing them? No right, that’s how all women feel when they see bad teeth. So start taking care of your teeth.

A great smile is a must if you want to get into her heart and body.

How to do it:

Keep your teeth clean and in good shape. Visit the dentist regularly.  Brush and floss your teeth three times a day. If possible, brush after every meal when you’re at home. Use a good mouthwash. If you have bad breath, you will never have a girlfriend. No girls will want to kiss a guy with bad breath. Make sure your breath is as clean and fresh as possible. You want a lot of kisses, after-all.



women in love

Why you need it:

Women are fascinated by the eyes. They are the window to your soul, or so they say. So be sure to keep them clean and fresh. Attractive eyes always catch the attention of Women. Scary and dirty eyes scare people.

How to do it:

Keep your eyes clean. For those with glasses, Wear contacts if you can. If not wear specs with a cool frame. Glasses can make you look brilliant if they are right. Or a dumb old man otherwise. So, choose wisely. There isn’t much you can with your eyes. But keep them clean and fresh will help you look a lot more attractive to women. Don’t look like a zombie who has not slept for a week. Get a good night’s sleep.

13) Smile

desirable man

Why you need it:

Master the art of smiling like a perfect gentleman. Your smile should be captivating. As I told you before you need to have great teeth and a sexy smile. Master this art, and you will never have a shortage of beautiful ladies.

How to do it:

No funny horror laughs or strange noises. It’s a turn off to women. Casual smiles when meeting plays an important. You should look cute when you smile. That’s how she will fall in love with you. Even your laugh should be stylish. Record your laughter and check how it sounds. Improve the way you laugh so that they cannot help but fall in love with you every time you smile.

14) Beard

desirable man

Why you need it:

A manly beard can get you laid more times than you can count. A great cool beard is a sign of masculinity. Show your wild side with your beard. There are many subconscious factors that come into the picture but the key idea is that you need to keep a beard. Now you can be a desirable man.

How to do it:

Keep a good beard that matches your face and style. Women love beard as its manly and it turns them on. Get a good beard and take care of it. Women want to be with masculine guys. That is why a lot of times women date older men. Use everything you can to your advantage.


15) Body hair

physical qualities

Why you need it:

Excessive body hair makes you look like a wild animal. And not in a good way. Smelly underarms are an example of the horrors that excessive body hair brings. Get rid of it.

You need hair only in the right places. You need women to fall in love with you and not run away from you.

How to do it:

Keep all excessive body hair clean and trimmed. No one likes hair in the wrong places. Especially if you want to get lucky with her. Keep the little guy clean and well shaved. (It will make him look bigger) If you know what I mean. The only place hairs look great on your head and face. Take some effort and clean up. It can do wonders in bed when you making love.

perfect gentleman qualities women in love

Bonus tip: Learn martial arts

That is probably the best thing you can learn. An ideal gentleman should be able to protect her lady at all times. The world is not a safe place. There are many instances where you might have to defend yourself and your women. So, it’s best that you know how to fight. Also, when the time comes and you to protect her. Trust me; she will be all over you.

Dating is essentially just a game. You need skills to win and the knowledge to avoid mistakes. That’s why they say everything is fair in love and war. Be the perfect gentleman and Learn all the skills recommended by the Cupid, and you will be successful in the art of love.

Authors Note: Should you really change to impress women? Should you change the way you look, look just for her. The answer is noooo!!!!

You should only ever change for one person. That is yourself. All the suggestions above will make you a better person with respect to health and body fitness. The goal is to be the best version of yourself. Just imagine the perfect you. The qualities you are thinking are the first ones you need to improve. Your health and looks will help you feel better as a desirable man. And will help you attract any women you desire. Not only that, but you will also become a healthier better looking and successful version of yourself which will help your career as well.

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys learned a lot from the Cupid. Happy dating guys…!!

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