20 Personality Traits of a true gentleman – An Illustrated Guide

perfect gentleman

Personality traits play a key role while trying to impress a Girl. Your looks might get you a date but your personality is what will ensure that she keeps coming back for more. If you want to be a true gentleman and if you want to make a girl fall desperately for you, the game is rather simple once you know the hidden rules of impressing girls

But it does not mean that it’s easy. You have to learn and adapt your skills according to your situation.

How do I become the true gentleman? Just what is the definition of handsome, cool, dashing, etc….???

Cupid Answers:

All these adjectives are women’s subconscious minds telling them that you are an attractive and true gentleman. You by showing the manly qualities attract her subconscious mind making her feel you are the one she needs — the ideal man.

Let me give you an in-depth guide on the qualities of a true gentleman and make girls want you badly!!!

All the handsome and dashing, etc. mumbo jumbo is their way of saying they feel attracted to you when they are around you.  Your personality and your physique ensure that the attraction of women towards you is two-fold.


This Guide has two parts.

  1. Physical attributes
  2. Personality traits

This guide only deals with personality traits. For the physical attributes guide, check out the link below.

Link: 15 Traits of an ideal gentleman

So let’s begin:

1) Sense of humor – 

A sense of humor is a must-have for every guy. You need to have the skill of making his girl smile. Girls always fall for guys with a great sense of humor. You need to be social and must also be able to have fun with her friends. The idea is to be playful and not a comedian. Knowing your way with words can help you a lot. Again do not be a joker. Be playful and flirt like a true gentleman.

You do not necessarily need to be overly social. But extroverts are preferred by extrovert girls and introverts prefer dating silent type men.

sense of humour girls love


How to do it:

Read books on stand up comedy. You can also watch videos on Youtube to get an idea of being playful with words. Every guy should learn the basics of stand-up comedy. It will help you to be creative and playful with words so that you can get the girl you want. Just don’t overdo it. This helps you be creative and handle situations better in life.

2) Intelligence- 

One of the most important traits every girl looks for in a man. Some girls don’t look for intelligence, but I would stay far away from those girls. Simply because they are lousy partners. Most of these girls will be gold diggers who focus more time on makeup rather than their goals and passions. A true lady will look for a gentleman with brains. After all, they want to make intelligent babies in the future if you know what I mean.

Being intelligent has nothing to do with marks in exams or jobs in this case. It refers to intelligent in this context refers to looking smart and making smart decisions.

successful gentleman girls love

How to do it:

Now this one is reasonably obvious, read books and learn from Youtube and other online sources. Be well educated. Your level of intelligence in your field of endeavor and in general is excellent quality that a true gentleman needs to have. That way, you can also show your intelligence without bragging, which is a huge turn on to girls.

3) Mystery – 

Nothing turns on girls more than a mysterious man. Girls obsess over mysterious men. Girls tend to get bored after a while in a relationship. If they know everything about you as a person, they tend to feel less attraction

Girls use their emotions to make their decisions related to love and relationships. That’s just their nature. So if you keep her interested in you by giving her the thrill of the mystery and chase, you will have her falling head over heels for you every time.

mystery gentleman women love

How to do it:

As a rule of thumb never reveal everything about yourself when you meet her. Instead, slowly give her little information then some later and so on. This will keep her interested in you in the long run. Just see the James Bond movies. His character is the ideal example of a true gentleman with mystery and class.

4) Strength- 

This includes both physical and mental strength.  Physical traits and skills greatly influence the way girls feel when they are with you. Strength is respected no matter where you are in the world.

All girls want to date a strong man who can protect them. Girls want dependable men in their lives who can help them grow healthy babies. It’s your job to be there for that. Whether they say it or not their subconscious mind makes the decisions for them.

girls love

How to do it:

Join the gym and do a great workout. I cannot stress this enough. Learn to be healthy, mentally and physically. If you cannot go to the gym, do a heavy home work out. A healthy body also inspires confidence. And attracts women.

5) Passion for something

Nothing is sexier than an intelligent man focused on his passion. You need to have some passion in life to be successful. Dating aside, being successful is more important. I would not recommend dating and romance to someone whose life is already a mess. Be passionate about your life. You should be on the pedestal. Never think that women are more important than you. You are looking for a partner.

perfect gentleman

How to do it:

Explore the world and find your passion. Meet people, learn to do different things. You won`t find your passion by watching Netflix. Get out of the house and learn. The more you see the world the better you understand it.

6) Musical instrument

Thanks to Disney and the entertainment genre women are hardwired to be attracted to musicians. Girls love romance and music. It gives them the thrills and drama their brain seeks. My recommendation is that you learn to play a musical instrument that is cool and easy to learn. And something you can carry around easily. You can get some fantastic dates with your music skills.

musical instruments

How to do it:

Youtube is the answer, guys. Plenty of free tutorials are available, which can help you learn any instrument. Choose an instrument you like and have fun learning it. You need to be able to play it properly. You don’t need to be a professional in it.

7) Independence and financial stability

This is a big turn-on for women. Financially stable men tend to have more confidence and are seen as alpha males. Also, being independent is a huge benefit since you bring a girl home without any worries. No girl wants to make out with you when your parents are at home. Grow up. Be a man. Get your own place and start making out.

suit perfect gentleman


How to do it:

Get a job or start a business. You can do a lot of things in life. Before dating, create a successful career in the field you love. Dating is a secondary objective, and career is primary. There are many ways in which you can earn and learn. Do explore your world.

8) Playful teasing and flirting skill

You have to be confident, humorous and witty all at the same time. The only solution to this is practice. Learning to flirt is a skill and it needs time and effort to improve. Most importantly, it’s fun to flirt with a hot girl. You can get out of the friend zone by flirting like a master. Flirting does not mean being a pervert. Flirting is the art of playful teasing.

flirting man

How to do it:

Develop your own style of flirting. It takes time, but with some time and dedication, you will be a master. Start by flirting online. Once you get good at it, then start flirting with girls in real life. Practice makes perfect.

A true gentleman must know the art of flirting.

9) Ability to comfort-

Girls need a dependable man in their lives. For you to be that man, you have to learn how to be supportive without being a butt-kisser. What I mean is when I tell guys to be supportive, they start listening to everything the girl says and do everything to please her. That’s not supportive, that’s butt- kissing you dummies. Listen to her, decide if what she says makes sense and then act accordingly. Learn to be comforting and reasonable at the same time. If you comfort her too much you will fall in the dreaded friendzone.

comforting perfect gentleman

How to do it:

Be dependable and supportive of your partner. But everything in moderation. Don`t mistake comforting her for being a nice guy. After all, the nice guys finish last and frankly many don’t even finish.


Being a true gentleman is a requirement to be popular with the girls. You want the most successful and popular girls. And these girls are impressed only by your skills. Be polite, respectful. It’s your job to be her prince charming. Make her addicted to you. When she realizes that she is the happiest when she is with you. She will naturally ask you out and confess her love. Learn the dating game guys. Rules are simple.

chivalry by true gentleman man

How to do it:

Little gestures like opening the door, pulling the chair, etc. might seem insignificant to us, but girls value them deeply. Be respectful and understanding. Protecting her honor is also chivalry. If any random guy makes a bad comment about your girl when you are around, it’s your job to teach him a lesson. Don’t be a coward.



Manners especially while talking and eating, is essential. Don’t eat as you have never eaten in your life.  MANNERS show a person’s class and style. The way you act is what determines your attractiveness. A true gentleman has class.

perfect gentleman with manners women love

How to do it:

See some YouTube videos for mannerisms and behavior skills. I’ve seen guys clean their nose and scratch their butt while on a date. Guys like that shouldn’t reproduce. Use your knowledge and skills to be the most well-mannered person she knows.

This is a good practice in everyday life as well.

12) Kindness and humility

Gestures of kindness, especially towards the weak and elderly, show that you’re a great person as well as someone with the abilities of a king. Trigger those Disney brains in women. Be their prince charming, and they will follow you to the end of the world.

kind gentleman girls love

How to do it:

Learn to be kind to everyone. It is an essential skill in everyday life and helps you become successful and more social. Kind acts, such as helping a blind man across the road. Showing respect even to a  janitor or a cleaner. These acts are noticed and well rewarded.


Boys who tend to be optimistic appear confident and dare to face dangerous situations in life. They seem a lot more heroic to girls and thus appear attractive. They have a more vibrant smile and a more friendly attitude. Girls love that.

positive man true gentleman intelligent girls and women love

How to do it:

STOP THE NEGATIVITY. Be positive and think of how to be better and more successful in life and dealing with situations. Being negative and blaming others is a sign of weakness. You cannot be a true gentleman with negativity.


14) Quick and right decisions

This one is obvious, especially when you’re dating a girl. There will be numerous situations when you’re stuck in a mess, such as getting her pregnant. When you deal with a difficult situation you earn her respect. You appear reliable. Girls go crazy for that. Take responsibility for your actions and be accountable.

How to do it:

Learn to take responsibility. When you are used to responsibilities, you can handle situations well. That’s a leadership trait that’s most attractive to women. Bad things happen. For, e.g., if she gets pregnant, then she needs you to support her and help her deal with the situation. You running away and blaming others is a sign that you are weak and indecisive. Being a true gentleman, and you will never have a shortage of women if you are responsible.

15)Martial arts

Learn a great martial art. They cover the principles of discipline posture and good judgment. They also make you physically healthy. You need to know how to fight to be an alpha male. In case of emergencies, you need to be able to protect her. Manly skills and qualities always attract women. You cannot be a gentleman with cowards qualities.

martial arts fighter perfect gentleman

How to do it:

Join a martial arts class or a boxing club. Just learn to fight. Youtube is also another great source of learning. Join the gym to get a great body and learn how to fight. This will make you dependable and more confident in life. You being there for her will be the greatest turn on for her.

16) Reading body language

This is a crucial skill for you to understand women. Girls have infinite mood swings, that is a fact. The only way you can survive those are by reading her body language. E.g., she might be just hungry, and she will say something like “you don’t love me anymore, you’re just busy with your work, etc.” In most cases, what she means is she wants your attention, and that she’s hungry and wants to go on a date with you. Learning your women’s mood is also a skill.

true gentleman intelligent girls and women love

cupid guideCupid Note: Girls get moody when they are hungry. Chocolates cool them down. Keep some for emergencies.

How to do it:

Read a book on body language. See some video tutorials on body language on youtube. I will be making a separate article on body language, so stay tuned. But till then learn as much as you can.


17) Honesty

I repeat never lie to a girl. It always ends badly. If you want to hide something, don’t tell her about it. Girls are natural lie detectors. They can easily pick up lies when they are not emotional.  Lying is a big turn off and gets you disqualified instantly. Be very careful about things you do not wish to tell her.

How to do it:

Never lie to women. Girls in love tend to believe lies, but if you’re trying to impress her, never lie to her. You will completely blow your chances with her. Unlike men, women are great in reading body language. You will get caught red-handed and will be dumped and humiliated.

18) Manly attributes and skills

You need to have skills that show off your manliness. Riding a bike, driving a car, swimming, martial arts, etc. are examples of alpha male skills. Master them thoroughly. Be a role model and a leader. I hope you already know what manly skills are.

beard man girls and women love

How to do it:

Many of the traits mentioned above are manly qualities. Doing daring and challenging stuff is considered manly. At the very least, be successful in your job or business. That makes you very attractive to women.

19) Leadership

The essential characteristic of an alpha male is leadership skills. In every situation, be it movies or history. Women surround all alpha leaders. Being a leader makes you different from ordinary people. It makes you unique and attractive to the ladies. A true gentleman is a leader that is respected by men and women alike

leadership true gentleman girls love

How to do it:

Take jobs and tasks which require responsibility. Become a leader in a club or group. It gives you an idea of what qualities are necessary for a leader. The ability to lead people will not only make you desirable to women but also help you become successful in life. The qualities of a true gentleman.


Humble people never brag about their achievements. Bragging about stuff like your car or a house is always a big turn-off to smart women. Instead, be humble. Her surprise when you bring a Lamborghini to pick her up will make her attraction for you to skyrocket. Be calm and a gentleman with class.

How to do it:

Pretty straightforward, don`t brag with words; instead, show it via your action. Actions always speak louder than words. Surprises are most welcomed by women, especially when they least expect it. Be creative, be humble.

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Authors Note: Should you really change your personality for her? Should you change the way you behave, just for her. The answer is noooo!!!!

You should only ever change for one person. That is yourself. All the suggestions above will make you a better person with respect to your career and life. The goal is to be the best version of yourself. Just imagine the perfect you. The qualities you are thinking are the first ones you need to improve. Your health and personality will help you feel better and become successful in anything you do in life. Getting the girl of your dreams is a bonus. This guide will also help you be a better person and become successful in any field your endeavor

These are the top 20 personality skills you need to master to make women run after you like crazy. Do understand that this is not a short-term process but rather a long-life journey. But with the help of these skills, you will never run out of women running after you.

I hope you liked the article if there are any traits I missed do mention them in the comment section. You can find more naughty tips in the adult section

Happy hunting gentlemen..!!

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