10 Innocent Dating Games for your first Date (For New Couples)

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Not sure how to get the conversation flowing on your first date??? Looking for innocent dating games to save your first date? Here are some awesome flirty couple games for you and your partner to enjoy, you can play while flirting with him/her on your first date. First dates are meant for both of you to get to know each other. It’s better to have a great conversation rather than a game. These games are meant only for emergency situations where the date is going boring and you want to spice up the conversation with some innocent dating games.

Do read the instructions on how to play the couple games and the warnings associated with avoiding potential troubles.

Innocent Dating Games for couples

cupid guideCupid note: Do adjust the game according to the situation and the environment and your lover’s personality. You are in control of the naughtiness of the game. So you have to take into account the location and the situation you are playing the game in. Don`t blame the cupid for your lack of sense.


Cupid Stats: 8 out of 10 couples don`t know what to talk about on their first date.


If you want adult games, then here is the link. The games on the list below are the innocent kind. For more mature content, check the adult section.


1) Truth and dare

This one is a classic game you can play with your lover. A very commonly played game all over the world. Do adjust the questions according to your lover and partner. It’s a great ice breaker game. You can get to know each other and have fun while doing it. Do not ask adult questions unless he/she asks one first. This way, you won`t seem desperate. Play it like an innocent dating game.

truth and dare

How to play:

Its a game with two choices truth and dare. If you choose truth, then the opposing person will ask a question which we have to answer honestly. If we choose to dare, then we have to do anything the other person dares you to do. Both people take turns. In case of a group a bottle or something of that sort is rolled to select the two players. A great game for couples to begin their love games.

2) Kill marry shag

This is a rather funny and innocent game for couples. Best to use on your first or second date when you get to know each other and want to have some fun. Its meant to be played in public places and parties. Be sure not to offend anyone, though.



How to play:

You pick out three people from the crowd or your friend circle. The other person has to choose a person to kill marry and shag for each person, respectively. Best for clubs and parties. Great way to hang out.


3) I’ve Never Ever

I`ve never is a drinking and dating game where the friends sit in a circle with friends. Need not be alcohol, though. A game mostly played in groups and trips and while traveling. The idea is for both of you to drink and relax. And makeout while you are drunk depending on how close you guys are.

innocent dating games for new couples

How to play:

It’s a drinking game. Each person says something like “I`ve never ever kissed a girl,” then all people who have kissed have to drink a glass. Then the next person does the same, and the game keeps ongoing. It`s a great game to get acquainted with each other.

4) Kindu (Yes No Maybe)

This is a high school and college game. Perfect for the light couples game genre. It’s even excellent for parties and clubs. Depending upon your lover, adjust the questions to get the naughtiness going. Best when the two of you are alone as well. A great way to get to know each other.

online couples game

How to play:

Here one person asks a question, and the other person has to answer it with yes no or maybe. Both people take turns. In case of a group a bottle or something of that sort is rolled to select the players playing the game.

5)Who am I?

An excellent couples game for having fun on your date. Also, an excellent way of getting out of the friend zone by clearing your intentions for those that need it. It can also be used on first dates. Prepare fun riddles in advance to get the extra edge.


How to play:

Two people take turns in asking each other riddles. The person with the smartest mind wins. Questions are always double meaning and funny. Best to play face to face. Adjust the questions according to your environment and your lover`s game preferences.

6) Two Truths and a Lie.

This is another one of those getting-to-know-you dating games. Best for first dates. It can be played by more mature couples as well. Only the questions and punishments will change. Great for groups as well. It is recommended for new lovers.

innocent dating game first date

How to play:

You start by telling your partner two truths about you and one lie. Your partner then has to guess and find out which one is the lie among the three things you said. You each take turns and, in the process, find out a lot of *naughty and juicy* secrets about each other. As punishment for not guessing correctly, you can add some cute punishments like a kiss or a hug. The perfect game for your lover.

7) True or False

Another modified version of the previous dating game is “True or False.” This is a great way to break the ice on a first date. And a great way to get to know each other. Without asking those boring interview type questions. The perfect dating game for new couples.

How to play:

One of you will tell the other some piece of personal information, and the other has to guess if it’s true or false. This game was meant for new couples and first dates, so it rightfully deserves its place on the list of the top dating games.

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