How to get out of friend zone an in-depth guide

why do you fall in friendzone

Ending up as a friend is the ultimate hell for men, where they tend to get stuck in the friend zone while trying to impress their crushes and potential dates. Now the following is an in-depth guide with examples and illustrations to show you possible ways of getting out of the friendzone. Do share these articles with other friends stuck in the friend zone and help them break the friend zone they are suffering in.

What exactly is the friend zone…???

Cupid answers: Friendzone is that category where the other person gets all the benefits of the relationship, they want from you and you get nothing.

finally someone broke friend zone

Are you not sure if you are friend-zoned…?? Read this article and find out if you have fallen in the trap of a friend zone.

When friend-zoned, you must have had one of these experiences:-

After dinner, going on dates,  giving her lots of gifts and even after being close to her, all you got in the end is; I am in love with someone else, BUT! You are my best friend. Please be with me always, my dear friend.  The *WTF-moment*

Or this:
“I am not interested in a romantic relationship, my focus and priorities are different right now, and as my best friend, you need to respect and understand that my feelings and decisions.” And, being the gullible fool you listened to her “best friend” request and continue being with her, only to find out in the end that she has started seeing some other guy who is a complete jerk and nothing like her type. *Forever best friend zoned*

why do you fall in friendzone

Nice guy dilemma

She told you she only liked guys who cared for her and were nice. You did everything she asked you to do. You respected her. You were always there for her. You never got angry at her, took her to dates. Gave her gifts. Then when you finally proposed, she said. You’re a nice guy. But I don’t see you that way. Let’s be best friends, okay. *Dumbfounded*

And my personal favorite, the F-bomb: –
I know that you love me, but we are not sure about the future. Let fate decide what will happen with us. Until then, why to spoil this beautiful friendship we have. Let’s stay as we are and enjoy our lives. *Confused soul*.

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First, understand why you fell in the friend zone in the first place.

Here are the possible mistakes you made, which dropped you in the friend zone.

friendzone ahead

Did a big mistake that completely turned her off?
Now by a big mistake, I mean you offended her beliefs or her family and friends. This is a big turn off and puts you in an instant friend zone. Learn to think of the consequences of your actions.

• Did not show her the perfect gentleman personality qualities
You did not show her the personality she wants in her partner. Instead, you showed her the character she doesn’t want to see. This turned her off and landed you in the friend zone.

• Did not follow the guidelines for physical attributes
You did not show her the physical qualities she desires. Even she is human, and she has her requirements. You did not meet them, so the friend zone is reserved for you.

• You got too desperate in the beginning stages
You were too desperate when you were with her. Your insecurities are apparent to women because they have something called women’s intuition. Women’s intuition is nothing but their subconscious ability to read body language. That’s why they can spot liars better and can judge people’s personalities better.

• You tried to become physical, right of the bat or you start it too late
Girls are offended when you are too direct when it comes to sex, especially in the beginning. They want it to be a romantic and a gradual ride. When you start too late, you do the opposite and make her think you are not interested in her. A perfect balance is required without which a friend zone is imminent.

• You did not show your manly side and instead tried to become her girlfriend
You listened to her “guy problems” and went shopping with her and did girly things on dates with her. You were holding her purse while she was busy flirting around with other guys.
You let her use you as a backup, and when she ignored you, you ran after her like a puppy. You gave her relationship advice when you are in love with her
You let her use you as a slave clicking cutesy girly pics and selfies with her
You let other guys flirt with her touch her etc. when you are with her.


  • You showed signs of insecurity, laziness, weakness, anger or a lousy ego
    You made the traditional mistakes men do while dating. The list is quite long and is a separate article I recommend you read it.
    In short, you showed her signs of showed signs of insecurity, laziness, weakness, anger, or a lousy ego, which are bad personality traits. These turn off women.


  • You satisfied all her demands without getting appropriate returns.
    This is the most classic mistake done by men. The whole reason why nice guys finish last. Dead last. Some don’t even finish. You have no self-respect and are happing doing everything she asks you do too. That is why you, my friend, are the president of the friend zone.

city of friendzoned men

For more info about mistakes, read the related article 30 mistakes made by men in the art of love.

Let me show you a better example of a traditional friend zone situation.

Bob and Alice are close friends in college. As they both are quite alike in personality, Alice calls Bob, her best friend. Bob has been doing pretty much everything for Alice. He takes her places, buys her all the things she asks for, listens to all of her problems, and gossips with her. He also helps her out of trouble whenever she gets in trouble. Bob, however, in reality, wants to be Alice’s boyfriend and not her best friend. Alice however, isn’t interested in having him as a boyfriend because she’s having all of her “boyfriend” needs to be met by Bob, without having to meet his girlfriend’s needs. She can now be free, non-committed, and still, have all of Bob’s affection and boyfriend support without any investment on her part. This is the reason why Bob is stuck in the friend zone.

The Correct way to get out of the friend zone has two parts one is the

things to do section below and second is the mistakes to avoid section covered in a separate article here

***** Things to do to get out of friend zone ****

Become Challenging – Make Her Work for Your Attention

Learn the art of being a challenging prize. Girls love the romance and the drama. The chase of your attention can cause her to develop extreme feelings for you. Don’t spend all the time you have with her. You are the prize, not her. Understand that self-respect and self-love are the keys to success in dating. Get the skills and the confidence to with it, and you have already won half the war. You will not be stuck in the friend zone with a challenging personality instead you will break the friend zone.

stop falling in friendzone

Perception is reality

The way you are perceived matters a lot in dating. No one falls for your personality at first sight. Your personality makes them stay in the relationship. But it does not bring them there in the first place. You only get one chance to make a good impression. Make sure it counts. Be the force of nature she cannot resist, and the friend zone will avoid you like the plague.

perfect gentleman


Be mysterious and keep a seal on your mouth

The least attractive man is the one who talks too much. To a girl, her mystery and drama is everything she earns for in the relationship. They like the thrill and drama of it. Now the way you master the art of being mysterious is by being a man of few words. Don’t tell your life story when you guys just met. Once the story is over your done. Friendzone the Boring guy.

Let Her Miss You

You are the prize, not her. Don’t be available for her. Be busy. Reject her calls. Get a life. Get busy work on your career. She is taking you for granted because you have been available 24/7 like her a personal slave. Stop being her lackey and get to work buddy get some excellent gentleman skills. You can definitely break the friend zone with your hard work.

friendzone circle limit

Make Her Fix Her Problems

Don’t help her solve her problems. Instead, say no and tell her that she needs to figure it out on her own to grow up. This works best for the hot girls because they are used to guys doing everything for them. You show them that you are different, and to them, they need to make you fall in love with them. It’s a game of cat and mouse. Do not be Rude just act the same way you would with a guy friend.

Keep Your “Feelings” To Yourself

Again, this connects to being the girlfriend’s mistake. Why are you sharing all your feeling right now? Showing her your emotional side will only turn her off. Things related to emotions are after starting dating not before that too in moderation. Being too dramatic is a big turn off and a warning sign to women. And you cannot break the friend zone by being needy and emotional.

friendzoned by the girl

Work on Yourself and break the friend zone

The number one solution to all your dating problems lies in your effort to improve your abilities. A great body and a great personality are crucial to getting out of the friend zone. Be the most desirable man, and she can’t help but run after you.

Go on dates with other girls and Don’t tell her

Meet other people. Go out with them and have fun. Don’t tell her instead let her see you having a great time. This will make her jealous since you are no longer dependent on her. In public places, talk to other girls. Make more lady friends. Introduce them to her. Touch them in front of her. Flirt with them or compliment them in front of her. She will feel left out, and these are the phrases she will use:
1)You have changed a lot
2)You don’t care about me
3)Let’s catch up someday
4)Now you have so many girlfriends, and you don’t even look at me
5)Your flirty, you shouldn’t flirt so much with other girls
6)Make some time for me as well. Etc.

best friend dilemma

Flirt with Her

Flirting and clearing your intentions is the ideal way to get out of the friend zone. Do note that flirting works best when it’s just the two of you. It clears your intent more clearly and breaks the friend zone. Now if you have already done all the things, I recommended in the other guides I have mentioned that you will probably have no problem making her fall for you. In the rare case that even after you do everything right if she still isn’t into you. Then she isn’t interested in dating, or she is already spoken for. Don’t bother spending so much effort if she isn’t into you.

Take the lead

A leader is a personality that never falls in the friend zone. Every girl wants to date a leader. When you show the leadership trait. She automatically takes notice of you. The core idea is to make her think that you have the potential makings of being her romantic partner. When you are with her, take the lead. Take responsibility and show off your leadership prowess
Be badass to steal girls from other guys. I learned it the hard way. You have to do it. If you feel shy or a religious person, then you will stay friend-zoned forever. Girls fall for powerful men who dare to take what they want. Break the friend zone.

game of thrones friendzone moment

New Experiences

This is a critical point that everyone ignores. All her new experiences should be with you. Your job is to give her the new experiences she has never seen. Make her do things she has never done. When she associates all the new and exciting experiences with you and you alone. The is a sudden rise in attraction. Your presence in her life becomes that much more critical. This can help you break the friend zone.

Timing is key

There is a proper time for every flirt and pickup line. Mastering the art of understanding the perfect times to use flirting, touch, and sexual advances. When the timing is perfect, even a simple compliment creates a lot of attraction. Mastering this requires a lot of practice. You need to be with plenty of girls to master the art of flirting. This will make sure you are not stuck in the friend zone

get back to the friendzone

Touch Master

Touch her in a non-friendly way. Your touch should be very impulsive and short-lived. Like tapping her hand or tapping her back.
Tap only once or twice at a time. More than two and you are super-annoying and creepy
The touch has to be very soft. Very soft. Don’t tap like you tap the keyboard. Tap like you would tap a bird. Very soft touch
Don’t tap on the covered area. Tap at exposed skin areas near the arm or shoulder
This is recommended for those stuck in the best friend zone. This is one of the later steps. First, build attraction and then proceed with the touching. If you touch without creating appeal, you will end up in the blocked zone or worse behind bars depending on which country you are. Do not talk about what you can express with your emotions. Things like sex and kiss should never be talked about. Instead, they should be physically done. It should be escalated with emotions even without talking about it. The only exception is long-distance relationships.

Trust me when you clear your intentions at the right time you will not be stuck in the friend zone

Create some competition

Make her jealous. Number one way to get her attention. She needs to experience a lot of excellent and exciting emotions because of you. Jealousy is one of them believe it or not. The more she feels jealous of other girls, the more attracted she will be towards you. Women do not run on logic. They run on emotions. Never try to love or gain love with logical discussion never works with women. We have to arouse the other person to comply with what we want. Maker, her experience new things, new emotions, and she will fell the attraction and love for you. And you will break the friend zone just like you wanted

break the friendzone


Get them to invest more

Her investment in your relationship should be more than yours. When you can achieve this. The chances of her being more committed to you increase. What do I mean by investment? I mean that she has to spend a lot of time money and effort to be with you. Subconsciously since she has done so much for being with you, she will naturally feel your importance in her life. Also, if you follow the other guides, you will automatically raise the level of attraction. Humans are like cats. If you give them something, they’ll play with it for a while and get bored. But if you dangle something around them, they will chase you with curiosity. Never make yourself fully available so that you will never be stuck in the friend zone. Instead, you break the friend zone

 Be rewarding and rude at the right times

Being rewarding when she listens to you and being rude when she does not listen to you will tell her and her subconscious mind to listen to you. Whenever she calls you a friend, ignore her act a little rude. If she shows romantic interest reward her. This might seem childish to many, but girls depend on their emotions and not on logic when it comes to dating. By influencing their subconscious mind, you can create attraction in her mind, which will be converted to love if you show her the qualities of a perfect gentleman.

stuck in the friend zone

Tell her what you want

If you never ask her out, you will always be stuck in the friend zone. If you already built the attraction in her mind when you ask her out, she will say yes. If she does say that she wants to stay friends, then you need to understand that she is bad for your emotional health. Being friends with someone you love, and seeing them flirt with other guys is torture. That can seriously mess up your emotional stability and can make you unable to focus on your life and career. You have to break the friendzone or move on.

friendzone stuck in the friend zone

Impress her using cupid guides

The numerous guides I’m writing are for people like us. Even I was stuck in, in, and I broke it. I’m confident you can too. There will never be any shortage of girls. The only thing you need to do is get the skills to make any girl fall in love with you. This takes practice, so don’t worry about it too much. Failure is just a stepping stone for success.

Leverage the friendship

Worst comes to worst make her set you up with some cute girls. Some girls are just not into a relationship with people of your personality. Super party girls won’t like silent intelligent type guys. That’s just how it. Personalities need to be compatible for you guys to have that spark of romance. So, in case she isn’t the one. Then make her set you up with some charming girls. Better to take advantage of being stuck in the friend zone.

friendzone level too high

****Things to avoid in order get out of friend zone ****

Talking about other guys.

Just don’t. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, then banter “Let’s find a boyfriend for you” Then point to a fat ugly man. Lol. But if she has a boyfriend, check if you can beat him or not. If you are a beginner in dating then you will be stuck in the friend zone when competing with an alpha male.

Yes man

Learn to Reject her: Whenever she calls you on your phone, reject her call. Don’t reject every call but 3/5 calls should be rejected. Even if you are free, reject her call and show her that you’re unavailable. Text her saying you will call her back, but don’t call her back. 100% she is going to call you later in the day or the next day to complain and fight with you. She will argue that you are too rude and busy you don’t have time for me and when she does, smile and say “No dear, it is not like that. I wanted to call you, but I got seriously tied up.”

infinte level of friendzone

Yes milady

She might ask you to hold her bag for a while or pass something on the table or ask you to get something for her. DON’T. Just say no. Don’t even make an excuse. Say no on the face. Tell her, “I cannot do that. Find someone else.” You are a man who has many women to sleep with (or at least pretend to be one) You do not need to do what a random girl orders you to do (Don’t treat her special. It kills the thrill. And girls like the thrill of the chase)

Feeling Sorry for Yourself

This is the first step of getting out of the friend zone. Realize that you have messed up. Understand what mistakes you made. Now instead of crying that you are in the friend zone fix the mistakes. Read the cupid guides they are meant for people like you who want to improve their love life.
The moment you stop being sorry for yourself, you are ready for the next steps for getting out of the friend zone.

guess who is stuck in friend zone

Calling and Texting So Much

The most crucial step of getting out of the friend zone. Do not text and call her so much. This shows that you are not desperate and that you have a life that does not revolve around her. This shows off the traits of independence and mystery. This shows confidence and the essence of a successful life. By showing these qualities, you are rising your attraction in her subconscious mind. The main idea is to be in her mind, 24/7. The more she thinks about you, the more she will fall in love with you.

Caring So Much about her. Showing interest in her.

Again the reason you get friend-zoned is that she is taking you for granted. You are there for her 24/7. And to her, you are just an ordinary guy. Be different and use the skills to win her heart. This works best with the hottest girls. They are used to the attention of guys. They can’t help themselves feel attracted to guys who ignore them. Don’t stick to her when she doesn’t want to. I have been there done that and seen people doing that. When the girl doesn’t want to talk, the guy runs after her pestering her. Don’t. Turn your back and go another way. She will call you then and there or later drop an angry text or call you up. Bingo! That’s your cue to make a move.

stuck in the friend zone

Talking about sex.

Talking kills and sets you in the friend-zone again. When you meet face to face, stare, and ogle at her eyes and lips. You can say “Show me your teeth” and then hold her chin softly and try to pull her in. If she comes near, immediately go for a kiss. If she resists, tell her, “I thought you were dead. I was giving you a mouth to mouth”: p

Letting Her Use You

This is something that every guy in the friend zone needs to do. Stop doing everything she asks you to do. You guys need to learn how to be independent and confident in yourself. Girls take advantage of nice guys, but they never want to date a nice guy. Do you want to be her helper or her lover Decide for yourself

stuck in the friend zone


Girls tend to chat when they are bored. DON’T. Just say, “Hey, I’m tired. Going to sleep. I will talk to you later”. But stay online. Chat with your other friends. Learn something from Youtube. If not, keep visiting Fb chat or WhatsApp chats in case she is checking if you are online. Most girls do. They will tell you the following – You are a Liar your last seen was blah blah blah. Just say, “yeah I was with my friend and he needed some help. ”

Asking Permission and Being Submissive

Don’t be a submissive personality. Don’t say yes to everything she says. Learn to disagree. Have a backbone and do everything with confidence. Even when you are saying no say no with confidence don’t give her any reasons. Being confident will only turn her on, getting you out of the friend zone that much quicker.

stuck in the friend zone


cupid guideCupid Tip:
Girls will always say that they should remain friends. For them, they get the benefit of enjoying with you without any commitment on their part. Since your base goal was dating and not friendship. The best way is to move on if she rejects your proposal. You are more important than her. Never forget this.

I hope you learned how to get out of the friend zone. The general idea is for you to be the best version of yourself.

The following cupid guides can help you greatly in that.

Perfect gentleman Personality Guide

Perfect Gentleman Physical Traits Guide

I hope you liked the article and you were able to break the friend zone wall. Share it with your loved ones. Share it with those friends stuck in the friend zone so that they too can break the friend zone.

Never Give Up…!!! Break the friend zone || Happy hunting Gentleman


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