Many Gamers believe that finding Gamer Girls or Gamer Girlfriends is like finding mythical creatures that exist only in imagination. Do you have the fantasy of finding the perfect girlfriend who loves gaming just like you…??? A.K.A the perfect Gamer girlfriend. I have tried multiple times and learned from failing that it is indeed possible. But to find a gamer girl, you need to be a player both in games and in matters of love. So here is a guide to finding gamer girlfriends

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This article is for you if you have the following questions:

  • How to get a gamer girlfriend
  • How to find a gamer girlfriend
  • how to impress gamer girlfriend

Fear not, the Cupid has the solution to finding gamer girls. Cupid`s Guide to finding and dating gamer girls is the ultimate solution to finding your dream gamer girlfriend.

cupid noteCupids Note: These skills can help increase your chances of getting your gamer girl. But only this is not enough. Gamer girls require special methods as well as your manly skills. Make sure to read all other Cupid Guides as well.



Where to find a Gamer Girlfriend

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 1) Find dating sites for gamers

This one is an obvious one; there are numerous dating websites dedicated to gamers. ‘It’s the best place to look for since you would have mutually common interests and these sites are pretty good. Check out the list compiled by your cupid, showing you the best gamer dating sites on the internet. Do be sure to be respectful and a true gentleman when you are making your move on your gamer girl. Also, do get a cool IGN(in-game name) to look cool and get a great first impression.


2) Play online games which are popular

Play the most popular games which have a lot of female gamers. Pubg mobile, for example, has a lot of female players. You can plenty of open-minded girls to play with. Though not all girls will talk and respond. MMORPG is also famous for having plenty of gamer girls. Do check out some popular titles, so that you can have fun gaming sessions with your gamer girlfriend.

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3) Gamer stores near you

You will find plenty of chances to find a gamer girl when you see her browsing for games. Who knows you might be fellow gamers playing the same games. If you cannot find the gamer girl then as a last resort, impress the counter girl. At the very least you will get fantastic service and discounts on games. The next best thing after a gamer girlfriend. You do need plenty of other traits as well to woe the girls be sure to read about it on the numerous guides on Cupid.


4) Gamer Conventions

Gamer convections are a great place to find gamer girls. There plenty of gamer conventions around the world. Use google and your gamer network to find the nearest gaming convention. You do need plenty of other skills to woe the girls. But you will find several cute gaming girls in gamer conventions. Do dress well and have a great personality if you intend to pick up girls. Be a cool gamer, not a nerd. Personality and Physique guides are available on Cupidguides.

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5)  Gaming clubs in schools and colleges

There are plenty of schools and colleges having gaming clubs dedicated to gamers. You can find gamer girls in these clubs. Use them to socialize and find other gaming girls as well. Girls tend to have groups on plenty of occasions. Who knows if you are lucky you might get invited to a girl’s Lan gaming party. That is the holy grail for gamers. Don`t miss the opportunity to find a hot gamer girlfriend.

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6)  Gaming Forums

You can find plenty of gamer girls on game forums. Girls tend to be new to the gaming world and might ask noob questions. Don`t be a bully instead be a kind soul and solve their gamer queries. After you have built some reputation. Ask them if they would like to play with you. Be respectful and who knows if you play your cards right, you might get a cute gamer in your friend list. Stream your gameplay on youtube and Twitch. Tell her to join you. She might like the added attention of a professional player.

7) Tech clubs

Girls in tech clubs tend to like gaming, and your chances of finding hidden gamer girls are quite high. In case your college or school doesn`t have a gaming club, then Tech Clubs are the next best destination. Do note that not all girls are the same, so don`t be desperate. You will get badly rejected if you are desperate. Do learn some excellent skills for getting the girl you like.

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How to make her your gamer girlfriend


 1) Learn to play well

An undeniable fact for a gamer. You need to be useful in the game to impress her. If she is a gamer, she will appreciate your skills. Its good to be on the top. Just check out all the top players on YouTube and Twitch. Check out their girlfriends; it will blow your mind. Ask her to join you on your stream. ‘That’s a damn good pick up line if you ask me. If you’re also earning money from games, your life is pretty much set. You need to be dependable.

2) Learn to be a good supporter

In games, learn to support her. Throwing the timely smoke to cover her. Defending when she is reloading. Those actions can help you as she will feel like a pro only when she is with you. Many girls are new to the gaming field, so be understanding. Don`t bully her and call her noob. Remember you too used to be a noob.

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3) Learn to flirt gamer style

Flirting is one of the most prestigious arts. The more skillfully you can tease, the better your chances of wooing her. Learn the art of flirting like a professional even while gaming can help you win some good points and get you a suitable date. Flirting while gaming is an art. It will take a lot of practice, but the results are worth it. So keep practicing

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4) Play and help her win

If she is having some difficulty with a game. Offer to teach her. If she stays close by, then ask her to meet. It can be a gamer’s date. Trust me it’s the real deal if you manage that. Innovative and intelligent plays are recommended they show off your intelligence and can help you gain a lot of points from her. Be unique. Be the champion.

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5) Ask for her number

Once you have gotten close to her, ask for her contact info, especially her number and set a date. ‘Don’t be a wuss. Grow a pair and ask her out. If you have met all the requirements, she will probably say yes. Dating is also just another game guys. Learn how to play it and become a pro at it. Learn all the skills and gain experience that’s how you clear the games, and that’s how you master the dating game.

6) Start chatting and playing games

Start playing with her. Play duos if possible. ‘That’s the best-case scenario you ‘don’t want other guys to interfere, do you? Teach her. Go to her place for gaming sessions. Call her to your home. Gaming and romance should go hand in hand. Have fun gaming. Steam, Discord, and social media are some of the best places to keep in touch and flirt with her. Just don`t be desperate.

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7) Being creative and daring when playing

Do some of the unique tricks and kills in gaming. Most amazing stunts and youtube moments make gamer girls wet. Learn from the best gamers and show off your amazing skills. Do practice beforehand; otherwise, you will find yourself having an epic fail moment. Create amazing youtube and twitch videos. Ask her to be your partner. Use all your knowledge of gaming and creativity and get your dream gamer girlfriend.

So these are the best advice for getting your Gamer girl. I hope you find your gamer girls soon. Do read the rest of the recommended reads. Happy Dating.


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