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Best Pick Up Lines Collection 2020 – Updated Weekly

random chat apps pick up line
Looking for the best pick lines to use? The right pick up lines used at the right time can make or break your dating game. So here is a never-ending list of awesome pick-up lines you can use to woe your significant other. Do note: use these pick-up lines with caution. Not every line...

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Gifts this season for your loved one

valentines gift
Many people are confused about what to buy as a gift on Valentine's day. And when you search on google you are bombarded with expensive Valentine gifts that are not that practical for you and your loved one. So how can you choose the best Valentine's gift this season? Well for those new on the...

Top 10 anonymous chat apps for ios – No registration Required

random chat apps
Anonymous chat apps for ios are rare. And it's even rarer to find ios apps that are truly worth using. So due to popular demand, we have made a dedicated list of anonymous chat apps for ios. These chat apps have plenty of options and features to help you find the best strangers to...

Top 10 Anonymous chat Apps for Android and IOS – No number required

random chat apps pick up line
Tired of being unable to find great people to talk to? Here are Top 10 Anonymous chat Apps for Android and IOS which do not require any registration. Now you can find strangers to talk to from all around the world. Now if you had the fantasy of dating a girl from another country...

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For your Love – A Gift He/She will never Forget

valentine's day gift
Valentine's Day Gifts are the best way to communicate your love to your partner or crush. But finding the best Valentine's day gift is like finding a needle in a haystack. Easier said than done. So here is a Cupid Guide on how to make the best Valentine's gift your partner will never forget....

How to Find Out if she likes you…!!! (21 Indicators of Interest)

indicators of interest showing neck
Do you want to know if that cute girl is in love with you, or was that just a casual smile ?? Understanding what girls are thinking is not an easy job. That I assure you. But it's not an impossible one either. So how can you know if she likes you? Afterall women...

Top 60 places to find women to flirt with (You will be shocked)

cafe loving girls ready for pick up
If you are looking for a place to find women for your dating needs then this post is for you. What are your priorities while finding girls ...?? You have to decide the must-have qualities when it comes to your choice of partner. Otherwise, how will you choose your dating grounds? Here is a...

How to get out of friend zone an in-depth guide

why do you fall in friendzone
Ending up as a friend is the ultimate hell for men, where they tend to get stuck in the friend zone while trying to impress their crushes and potential dates. Now the following is an in-depth guide with examples and illustrations to show you possible ways of getting out of the friendzone. Do share...

30 Signs your stuck in the friend zone (Practical steps to confirm)

city of friendzoned men
Wondering if you are stuck in the friend zone..?? Still not sure if you messed it up or not. Check out the following signs to know if you have messed up in your chances and entered the dreaded friendzone. Or worse the deadly bro zone What exactly is the friend zone..?? Cupid answers: Friendzone is that...

20 Personality Traits of a true gentleman – An Illustrated Guide

perfect gentleman
Personality traits play a key role while trying to impress a Girl. Your looks might get you a date but your personality is what will ensure that she keeps coming back for more. If you want to be a true gentleman and if you want to make a girl fall desperately for you, the game...