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How to Get Over Your EX – A Guide to Change your Life (For Men)

Did you just have a breakup? Your girl cheated on you? Well, I'm sure you feel like its the world end for you. Your heart is broken. You can only feel the pain and loneliness of the breakup. Let's face it the emotions which you are going through are painful and breakup hurts like hell. Trust me I have been there broken hurt and crying about what went wrong.

How to get out of friend zone an in-depth guide

why do you fall in friendzone
Ending up as a friend is the ultimate hell for men, where they tend to get stuck in the friend zone while trying to impress their crushes and potential dates. Now the following is an in-depth guide with examples and illustrations to show you possible ways of getting out of the friendzone. Do share...

30 Signs your stuck in the friend zone (Practical steps to confirm)

city of friendzoned men
Wondering if you are stuck in the friend zone..?? Still not sure if you messed it up or not. Check out the following signs to know if you have messed up in your chances and entered the dreaded friendzone. Or worse the deadly bro zone What exactly is the friend zone..?? Cupid answers: Friendzone is that...