The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For your Love – A Gift He/She will never Forget

Valentine’s Day Gifts are the best way to communicate your love to your partner or crush. But finding the best Valentine’s day gift is like finding a needle in a haystack. Easier said than done. So here is a Cupid Guide on how to make the best Valentine’s gift your partner will never forget. Go beyond just making homemade chocolates. This secret date recipe will ensure that you have the best Valentine’s day celebration ever.

Note: Make sure to be safe and keep protection with you. Be safe and responsible. Valentine’s Day celebrations tend to go out of hand.

Valentine's day gift love

So what is this amazing Valentine’s Gift?

Well, it is not a gift but a series of Gifts and the experience you give to your partner. People tend to love the experience rather than the actual gift itself. Instead of giving your partner just one gift. Gift them little surprises the entire day.

Your partner loves you not your money. And what they want is your time and attention. Your love and dedication for them is the best gift you can give them.

Cupid Note: Make sure to adjust the romance level according to your partner. everyone has different tastes. this Guide is a general baseline. Edit it as per your partner’s personality to have the best results.

I am dividing the guide into two parts to be more specific and address each category:

New couples or people you have a crush on:

  • A beautiful rose/flower (their favorite flower) for women
  • A figurine or a collectible or a keychain for men (according to their preferences)
Valentine's day gift love key chains and homemade chocolates

A beautiful rose or a favorite keychain with a greeting card at him/her office/school/college. Basically, arrange it such that it is placed at the place he/she sees the first thing in the morning. This gift is special and something that they love. Prefer to choose something they loved as a child. Basically a mini gift. Matching items are the best. His and her mugs would be a great gift. Men love things that they admire. Their favorite game or any other gift that they would love.

  • A delicious feast

Depending on what your partner likes give them a corresponding afternoon lunch date. Cakes, pastries, and other delicacies that your partner will love. This needs your knowledge of your partner. There is no easy way. You need to know what they like and what they don’t. If you don’t even know that then you aren’t really dating.

  • An evening date to a romantic location with homemade chocolates

Plan a romantic date to a peaceful location. Make sure you gift them homemade chocolates as a sign of love this applies to girls since its the Valentine tradition. Need not be expensive but needs to taste good and should be homemade. This shows your dedication and effort for your partner.

Valentine's day gift love
  • Kiss or propose according to your plans

Now take your time to make the mood and ask him/her out. If you are already dating make the next move. Kiss him/her. Say those magical words. “I love you“. Make sure the mood is romantic and you have some good music playing if you are going to pop the question.

love gift valentines day

This is a moment to take the relationship up a level. Talk to your partner about how you met each other. What you thought about him/her. And how you fell in love with them. Make the moment about you guys. Make sure you are not disturbed. If you feel you might be unsuccessful in making her love you back then are many guides for men and women by Cupid on how to increase your attraction and dating skills. Kindly go through them beforehand.

Be creative here. This is especially difficult for those proposing to their crush. Make sure you have built enough attraction before proposing otherwise you will fail. Make sure you value comfort.

  • Gift your Partner

Gift your partner an item he/she can wear regularly. Something that will always keep them reminding of you. eg. A ring, necklace, bracelet, band, watch, etc. It should be something that is always with them. Something that will keep you in their hearts and minds forever. If you can find your crushes wishlist by using your contacts and skills then that’s even better. You are sure to impress her. Hand made gifts are always recommended over readymade.

homemade chocolates love gift matching items
  • Final Gift of the day

If you are planning to spend the night together as couples. Or if you have such plans. Make sure you arrange candles, rose petals, some good wine, and music. The end of your Valentine’s day should be the beginning of your new relationship or a new level of intimacy. So ensure that you have the right environment, put in the efforts. Keep your standards high and your partner will be impressed. Afterall everyone wants unconditional attention and love.

romantic couple homemade chocolates love gift

Married or experienced couples in a relationship

So here are all the simple but romantic valentines gifts you can give your partner on these romantic valentines day:

  • Start the day with a homemade breakfast in the bed

An amazing homemade and tasty breakfast in bed along with their favorite refreshments can easily liven up someone’s day. Especially when it’s given by their partner. Take some efforts to make the preparations for Valentine’s day. This should be their most memorable Valentine’s day gift ever. You need to know what your partner likes. That’s the key requirement.

homemade chocolates love gift
  • Early morning Action

This needs a little caution based on the partner’s mood. But early morning is the best time for love. I mean you know what you have to do right. Start your lovemaking sessions early. Cuddle with your partner and hug them. Its time to be intimate, do not be shy. There are many creative ways to use chocolates after all. *wink*wink*

I will leave the creativity in bed to your imagination. Use your creativity and imagination. Try new poses and fantasies that your partner loves.

  • A romantic date in the afternoon

Take your partner out on a romantic dinner. It should be something they love to it. Take some time to do some research and make the best valentine’s day gift lunch ever. It’s up to your creative to make sure the date is a memorable one.

  • Spending Time Together (Doing their favorite thing)

This depends on the two of you. Do something romantic or memorable with each other. The place you met each other for the first time. That is an excellent choice for a romantic date. Place where you guys had your first kiss. Or where you proposed. These locations have an emotional and romantic attachment. Use this to make your valentine’s day special and memorable. You need to be specific about the event so that they will cherish this day till years to come.

romantic valentine day
  • A romantic gift with homemade chocolates

The gift should be something useful and much needed for your partner. Keep an eye on what your partner checks online. Their wishlist is the best source for romantic gifts. When you get something you love from the person you love. It becomes a special gift they will never forget.

homemade chocolates love gift

Also, make sure to add some homemade chocolates and make the day memorable. After all who doesn’t like homemade chocolates.

  • Candle Light dinner

A candlelight dinner with wine and romantic music is a must for Valentine’s day. the choice of restaurant and venue along with music should be done according to your partner’s preferences. If you can do the same at home it’s even better. Though difficult, arranging a romantic dinner at home is a sign of genuine love and dedication. Also its easier to get to bed later. I’m sure your partner will appreciate it as Valentine’s day gift. Not only that you will have plenty of romance afterward. I hope you know that homemade chocolates can be used for more than just eating. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

romantic candlelight dinner
  • A full body massage

A body massage after a fancy day is the best gift for anyone. Take your time to make the massage romantic and seductive. I know you are not a masseur or an expert. That’s why you have youtube tutorials. Go on youtube and check out some videos. Stick to the basic stuff. I recommend every couple should try this to make the romance special and memorable.

  • Late-night action

This one is a no brainer. You know how every Valentine’s day needs to end. Finish the day with a romantic all-night make-out session and go bed cuddling each other. That’s the way you are supposed to celebrate valentine’s day. If you did all the things right then I’m sure your partner will never forget this romantic experience. Take your time and plans the experience in a way that will be sure to woe them.

homemade chocolates love gift

Afterall its not about how much money you spend or how fancy you are. It’s about how much you love your partner and how much time and effort you are willing to give to make them happy.

Make your own surprise plans. This guide is a basic outline. There are obviously many things you can do to go beyond an ordinary valentine’s day gifts. The gifts and plans vary from person to person based on their personality. It’s your job to adjust it according to your partner. Hard work, dedication, and commitment are required for any relationship to be successful. Do not give up. Life can be tough at times that’s why you need dependable partners who you can share your worries with.

Should You copy other people’s expensive Valentine’s day gifts?

Short answer: No. Don’t judge and compare yourselves to other couples. I have many readers who complain about what other couples do. It doesn’t matter what others do. It’s about what you do with the person you trust and love. If you or your partner are jealous of some other couple spending a fortune on valentine’s day gift. Then you are clearly heading in the wrong relationship. Couples spending money like water is a sign of a toxic relationship. I would never want my beloved readers to get stuck in those. Instead spend time with the person who would love you for who you are. You have no idea how special it makes them feel.

I hope you liked this valentine’s day gift guide for couples. If you have any questions or suggestions do mention them in the comment section below.

Happy Dating. Make sure to have an amazing Valentine’s day with plenty of love and romance.

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