Top 60 places to find women to flirt with (You will be shocked)

If you are looking for a place to find women for your dating needs then this post is for you. What are your priorities while finding girls …?? You have to decide the must-have qualities when it comes to your choice of partner. Otherwise, how will you choose your dating grounds? Here is a list of places where you can find women according to your dating preferences. It is a huge list of places to pick up girls so use it wisely.

 You need to have a clear picture as to what TYPE of women you want to date. Otherwise, you will end up dating someone you hate. Trust me; you don`t want to do that.

For example, you probably shouldn’t go looking for women in bars and clubs if you’re not into party girls and prefer a quiet evening with books as a date set.

So ask yourself these questions:

  • What age range should she be in?
  • What personalities does she need to have?
  • Which traits will be an instant turn off for you?
  • Do you want a party animal or a girl that keeps it classy? Or maybe a bit of both
  • Do you want an active girl that plays sports or an intellectual type of likes reading and learning?
  • What level of education should she have?
  • Are you health-focused? Perhaps she should be too. Vegans need vegans
  • Do you want her to be ambitious and driven?
  • Do you just want to pick up some girl or are you looking for a life partner

Understanding the qualities of your ideal girl will help you find where you will find her. That being said, some of the following locations will appeal to you while others may not. I have written a general idea about what type of girls you will find at respective locations. You can impress a girl anywhere I mean literally anywhere if you have the right skills. But this should only be done by those people who have dated more women then they can count. So for you guys who are just at the beginning of the dating game, the following locations will show the maximum success rate when you try to pick up women.

1)Yoga classes

Perfect for you if you’re a health-focused person. The majority demographic is people who want to be healthy. Many tend to be vegans, so its a great place for to find women for a date. Women who love yoga tend to be more flexible if you know what I mean. So best for those fantasy enthusiasts as well.

2) Festivals

A great place to find women willing to flirt. Even girls who generally hang indoors tend to come out during festivals, so its the perfect opportunity for you to meet some wonderful ladies and get their numbers or better yet take them out on a date there itself.

3) Bars

Guys who like parties and drinking should be finding their partners here. There is actually quite a variety of girls in bars. From intellectuals to party lovers depending on the bar. A high-end bar will have high-class executive type gals, and the regular type bars will have girls who like to party. Mostly college girls.

Find the place where you want your dream girl to be.

4) Dog park

An ideal spot to find women who love animals. This is one of the best places to look for girls with the marriage material mentality. Party-loving guys might not find huge success here. Though in some cases, there are exceptions.

You will generally find the right mix of personalities when you are in parks.

5) Grocery store

A great place to find and chat with girls. Depending on your area, the type of girls will vary. A college campus nearby, and you will find a lot of college girls. In residential areas, you will tend to find women of older age. So shop according to your needs. If you catch my drift.

6) Coffee shops

The Best place to find women. Especially college and girls in the age range of 20 to 30. This is a perfect place to start up a conversation. Women tend to be more approachable in this scenario. Learn the art of conversation. Only then will you be able to pick up girls.

7) Cooking classes

An ideal place for those who like to cook and eat. Plenty of beautiful young women. Most importantly, the majority of women will be in beginner cooking classes. So take advantage and learn to put your cooking skills to you. Bring her home for food tasting/date. A unique date idea for food lovers.

8) Concerts

The party lovers make some noise. This is your time to shine. Girls who love the same music as you will be an ideal match for you. Party girls and music lovers should use this venue to pick up girls.

9) Shopping malls

You will find a broad mix of the crowd here, depending on the shops available. Choose shops that your potential partner might visit. Do not go to the lingerie section. You will only look creepy. Master the art of flirting, and you will have better chances of finding beautiful girls to date.

10) Parks

Parks and gardens are the perfect places to discover nature lovers and quiet peace-loving types. Party girls won’t be found here though there are some exceptions. Use this chance to pick up some great classy girls out on a date.

11) Beach

Guys who are looking for sexy open-minded girls this is the place you want to look out for. Girls on beaches tend to be more open-minded and friendly. If you show the necessary skills to attract women and have a great body, you will get quite a few interests. Do work out and have a great body before going to the beach.

pick up girls beach

12) Meet up groups

Depending on the topic of meet up groups, you can find a wide variety of beautiful ladies to flirt with and hopefully make out with as well. Do note you have to take care of rules and regulations if there are any.

Take things at a proper pace. It should be a romantic feeling for her.

13) Trekking sites

Trekking meetup and websites are a great place to find yourself an outdoor girl. Depending on your skills, you might even date the hottest girls on the trek. Make sure you don`t go overboard. You might come off as desperate instead.

pick up girls

14) Book store

If you are looking to find the most intellectual girl, you are likely to see her in the bookstore. Make sure you dress smart, as well. No funky clothes. Make sure you’re clean and tidy.

15) Library

Just like the bookstore, the library is a great place to find women with similar intellectual interests as you. Girls in the library tend to be smarter and more selective in dating. Make sure you look great and are smart enough to match her level.

pick up girls

16) Art galleries

If you love art and are finding a dating partner with a similar interest, the art galleries are the way to go. Make sure you have some knowledge of art before trying to pick up girls, or you will have an epic fail.

17) Museum

The lovers of art and history it’s your time to shine. The intellectual and art-loving class of women can be found here and are perfect for men with similar tastes. Do make sure to dress well and talk with finesse.

pick up women

18) Streets

This is a little tricky, but with practice, you can even pick up girls on the fly. Do note that picking up girls on the street is harder, especially if they are not free. You have minimal time to impress her.

19) Neighbors

If you have a really hot neighbor, then don’t be afraid to talk to her. Don`t be creepy and desperate because if you are neighbors, then there is plenty of time to invite her for a cup of coffee.

Follow the general etiquette, as well.

20) Dance classes

If you love dancing, then obviously dance classes are the place to go. Salsa and tango are filled with beautiful women. So make sure you practice a little before asking her for a dance. Its a great pick up opportunity. Take it.

pick up girls

21) Volunteer group

Volunteer groups can help you find women who love the same things you do. A perfect matchmaking system for free. Do some free volunteer work. She might be impressed by your compassion as long as you have other skills to show as well.

Don`t be fake.

pick up

22) Public transportation

A great gal is sitting next to you on a long train drive. Use this chance to make a pick-up. Talk to her, be friendly, and ask her about her plans. Who knows you might have more in common than you know.

There is a fine line between friendly and creepy. Do not be desperate. See her reaction. If she is not interested in a conversation, then don`t force it.

23) Acting classes

If you into acting and drama, then acting classes are the best bet for you. You will find ladies who are also a fan of acting and drama and can help you strike the perfect balance in life.

24) Social events

Social and cultural events are great places to meet up with the ladies. They tend to be free and ready to be approached on many occasions. Make sure you dress well and make her attracted to you.

twister dating game pick up

25) Political campaigns

If you’re into politics, then you can definitely find some cute ladies to date her. Make sure you obey the laws. This venue is not for the weak-hearted. I don`t recommend this for everyone.

26) Wine tasting

Wine tasting is the perfect opportunity for all those wine connoisseurs to show off their prowess. You are likely to find high-class women who love drinking wine. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you have to go here.

pick up

27) Speed dating and meet-ups

This is the absolute location. A must-try if you’re new to dating. The game is easier and thus can help you avoid many of the issues of dating for newcomers.

pick up girls

28) Religious groups

If you’re looking for a religious type of partner, then this is the best place to look for dates. You will find plenty of options to date without breaking your religious beliefs.

29) Stand up comedy

If a sense of humor is what you are looking for, then stand up comedies are perfect places to pick updates. Do note that you also need some comedy skills in order to be successful at this venue.

30) Karaoke

Singers its time to make noise and sing well while you are at it. Girls are crazy about music, that’s why if your a good singer now is the time for you to shine. Make sure you dress great and sing her a song.

pick up girls

31) Open mic

Another option for singers and music lovers to enjoy the open grounds for dating. Show off your skills and make her fall in love with you. Don`t be shy now.

32) Weddings

Weddings are perfect places to pick up girls. Many girls, after seeing the bride feel the urge to marry and find love. This is a common occurrence, thus gives you the opportunity you need to make her fall in love with you. Do show your talents.

pick up girls in weddings

33) Painting classes

If you are looking for art lovers or a fellow painter like you, then painting classes are a great place to pick up girls. Do make sure not to disturb the classes.

34) Opera and ballet and music

This venue is better for those guys looking to find the traditional, contemporary girl. French and European girls tend to love this section a lot. If you’re looking for them, you know the place to go.

musical instruments pick up girls

35) Airports

Another unique venue to find beautiful and classy girls. Don`t go to an airport just to pick up women. That is creepy. But whenever you are going, make sure not to lose to opportunity to find a cute girl for yourself. Your chances of finding a professional high-status girl also go up by a lot.

36) Grand central hubs

Central hubs are filled with people. There are many women waiting. Some even have been stood up by their dates. Take the chance to make an introduction and make a good first impression. If you look good girls will be interested in you. If you look creepy, then girls will call the cops. So do look amazing.

37) Boating and fishing trips

If you love boating and fishing trips, then make sure to use this opportunity to get to know some girls with similar interests. This is a very restricted category. Ladies don`t really like fishing all that much as far as I know. But you never know you might get lucky.

38) Flower shops

Flower shops and nurseries are the ideal places for finding girls who love nature. If saving the world is your cause, I’m sure you can find the perfect nature-loving partner for you there. Also, ask her help in planting some trees in your backyard. A perfect excuse to bring her home for a cup of coffee.

pick up girls

39) Casinos

Love money and gambling…??? This is the place you need to go. Now obviously, you will find gold diggers here. But if that’s what you’re looking for in the first place, then you come to the right place. Casinoes are filled with girls. Just don`t expect marriage material here. That’s just my personal opinion though.

massage game pick up girls

40) Church

The church is the ideal place if you are looking for the perfect church girl your parents will approve. The church is a great place to meet girls having the same godly beliefs as you. Do take care that you do not offend anyone at religious places.

41) Photography classes and clubs

If you’re into photography, then you have a perfect chance of meeting women. Girls love clicking photos be it selfies or group photos. So it’s a great chance for you to pick up girls. Have fun clicking pics together. This requires skills and patience and often times you will used. You have been warned.

place to find women

42) Charity functions

If your trying to find rich ladies or ladies with similar beliefs like you, then charity events are the place for you to get hunting. Again don’t come to charity functions just to pick up women.

43) Hotels and restaurants

Perfect place for food lovers and social people to meet. A lot of variety in terms of personalities, so do enjoy the scrumptious feasts with some lovely people. It will be a bit harder if you are cold approaching but with proper skill I am sure you can do it.

place to find women

44) Strip clubs

Now I know what you are thinking. But yes, finding dates here is also possible. I won’t recommend newbies though because impressing girls here requires a lot of skill. And just be sure that this is indeed what you want. Dating a stripper is not easy.

fantasy dating mistake

45) Airbnb

Sometimes when you are traveling, you stay at Airbnb. Who knows you and the neighbors might hit it off. Travelling and exploring can expand your horizons and let you meet new people. Its a bit trickier but still a good way to try. Now is the perfect time to find a new date, isn’t it?

46) School

This is only for the youngsters reading the article. School is the ideal place to find love and experience romance for newbies. This is your beginning to explore the world of romance. Don’t lose focus form your career and goals, but also don’t miss the opportunity to find new hotties in your life. The girls you befriend now will be hotties in the future. Don`t forget. Its a good investment if done right.

47) College

College life is the best place to find girls. There are clubs, parties, fraternities, and you name it. It’s an open playground begging you to try out your social skills and dating skills.Don`t miss this opportunity. You might be lucky and find a gamer girl as well.

place to find women


Just like college tuition and special coaching classes provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people and find dates. Most classes are ideal for dating as long as you don’t interrupt the classes in any way. Showing off your intelligence and sense of humor will significantly increase your attraction level.

49) Mixers

Mixers are the ideal place for picking up girls since people originally intended to date flirt and have fun. The mood is lighter, and the problem of approaching strangers is not present here. If you have just started learning the art of dating, then this will be perfect for you. This is best for learning the core dating and socializing skills itself.

50) Parties

A wild party can make your day. Trust me you can get a fair amount of hotties in parties, especially college and after college parties. These are recommended for the younger crowds since its much more comfortable for the younger guys to pick up girls at parties. As long as the age gap is under 10 years its fine.

place to find women

51) Competitions

Competitions are a great place to find people with the same passion and knowledge as you. If you love giving speeches and debates, for example, then you are likely to find like-minded girls at speech and debate competitions. Also if you have great skills then you are sure to woe her. Alpha males are always liked in such scenarios.

52) Workplace (Risky though)

Now, this is actually an excellent place but there are some risks. In some agencies, dating is not allowed, so if that’s the case, I would recommend you skip this location. It complicates things. If, however, there is no such rule, then you are free to find women for a date. Do it during breaks or after office hours. Be professional though. Your company might not be so keen on the idea of you dating.

place to find women

53) Clubs

Clubs are the ideal place to find women with the same personality and similar interests as you. Depending on your interests and club, the chances are endless. Just make sure not to come off as needy. Join the clubs that you actually like.

place to find women

54) Gyms

If you’re into bodybuilding and like girls with a well-built body, this is your heaven. Gyms are the perfect place to find a date. Do a workout session together. It’s sure to turn up the heat. Just know what you are getting into.

place to find women

55)Sports playgrounds

Sports lovers, now it’s your time to shine. These clubs are full of sporty women. Make sure you have a hot body cause nothing turns off a mood faster than a big belly for sportswomen. Make sure you learn the sport before joining the club. Don’t join the sports club just to pick up women.

place to find women

56) Temples and other religious locations

Again for the religious people in the group, especially those looking for a specific type of ladies to marry. Now I don`t recommend this for everyone.

57) Gaming events

Gaming events are perfect for finding gamer girls. I have already written a separate article for the same. Do read it to find your ideal gaming girl.

gamer girlfriend

58) Anime and manga groups

If you’re into anime and manga, then groups and stores related to this are the perfect places for you to find dates. Have fun binge watch anime together or read manga together.

place to find women

59) Movie theatres

A unique venue for finding dates. A cool partner when watching a movie can be just the thing you need. Go to the movies to have fun. Make new friends.

place to find women

60) Online and social media

This is the holy grail for newcomers. If you are new to the world of dating, then this is the best place to start. It’s much more comfortable and can help you get accustomed to the art of flirting and dating.

place to find women

I hope you find women according to your personality type. These are not the only locations, but they tend to be more frequent and easy to find dates. Do make sure you keep your social understanding with you. Calibrate your words according to the environment and the people around you. There are laws and etiquettes in the real world.

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