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Following lies the related information about these services offered:

  1. As per our norms & policies, the payment(s) of the concerned services (guest posts) must be processed within 24 hours following the respective publishing of article(s). Failing to pay within the specified time frame will result in the drafting of a concerned post further until successful payment processing. Any major delays in payment may also result in permanent removal of guest post from CupidGuides
  2. CupidGuides strictly reserves the right to accept or reject any article or content on the bases of grounds morale checks and security of readers as well as deceptive content that does not meet Google standards and policies.
  3. The article must NOT contain any malicious, offensive, hate speech or immoral/non-ethical content. Any such article will be rejected. The posted article will be removed without any refunds.
  4. Articles based on Casino/Betting/Gambling/Pornography/Illegal Trading are strictly NOT accepted. We are a premium service. Only those who are willing to invest should apply.
  5. No refunds once the request is completed. Even if the content or advertisements was removed due to breach of terms even then there will be no refunds. CupidGuides has the exclusive right to decide this matter.