7 Sexy Sounds to Drive Him Wild With Pleasure!

Moaning, panting, screaming, dirty talk – sexy noises can really turn on men more than men really admit. After talking to a lot of men and women about what they like to hear in bed here are the results. If you’re new to the dating game and not sure what’s the right for you then this guide is for you. These 7 sexy sounds can really heighten your experience in bed. Also, don’t forget that communication between the sheets is equally important. So here are the seven sexy sounds the guys love and will make them give you a wild night in bed.

1) Moaning

Moaning is the “umm ahh umm yeah” sounds you make in bed. Believe it or not those drive men wild. Moaning into his ears and moaning with pleasure can instantly perk up his mood and you get to have a wild night full of fantasy and action. Your moans will show him the pleasure you are having making him feel like manly.

sex sounds dirty talk wild night moaning guys love


Panting with pleasure combined with moaning sounds can easily drive your man’s pleasure to the extreme levels. Do not fake it. But when you are actually breathing hard make genuine sounds of panting. It turns men on.


When he likes it rough and yelling is the way to go. Make sure your room is soundproof otherwise you will wake up the neighbors. Use naughty yells like “You like that baby?” , ” umm just like that“, “Oh your so big!” or “Oh, yeah, babe!”  etc turn on the mood. Say it with an erotic tone and you are sure to have a wild night.

sex sounds dirty talk wild night moaning guys love

4)Dirty Talking

One of the most favorite things guys love to hear. Especially dirty compliments like your so big, your so hard, etc are always welcome since its pleasing to hear especially in bed. Make sure to satisfy men’s needs as well. I’m sure they will put in the extra effort and the extra D to satisfy your needs.

5) Roleplay sounds

If your roleplaying then making related sounds really works wonders in bed. Things like “I’m a naughty girl punish me” turns on a lot more men then you would guess. When roleplaying, play the part properly, do some research. Take action and have fun in bed. It’s going to be a rough night ladies and gentlemen.

For the guys with cat girl fantasies, Girls can “meowww meowww” (seducing tone).

6) Swearing

Swearing is a bit of grey area. Some guys like it some don’t. It’s not the same as dirty talk so be careful with this. Dirty talk almost always works. Swearing doesn’t. For some men, it is a huge turn on. For others, it’s a huge turn-off.

In most cases, swearing when done intentionally, can come off as being aggressive and rude. Start slow and watch out for how your partner reacts. If they love it, then go ahead. Otherwise switch to dirty talking.

7) Grunting

Grunting during sex is natural, some guys love it. Although it may sound weird many men tend to love it. It’s natural and depending on your partner can be real turn on. Make sure to test the waters just to be sure.

sex sounds dirty talk wild night moaning guys love

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Nothing can spice up your sex life better than moaning and dirty talk. These sexy sounds can spice up the relationship and make you experience some really wild nights. So ladies what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to moan girl 😉😉😉 *wink*

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