20 Adult Dating games for Mature couples (Top Naughty Games)

Want to spice up the boring dates with fun adult dating games..?? Want to make out and not seem desperate. Fear not, the cupid has your back. Introducing 20 adult dating games for couples filled with the naughtiness and romance that can make your date want to make out with you and have wild moments with you. Do read the instructions on naughty games and how to play the naughty games and the warnings associated with them to avoid potential troubles. Many of these naughty games can be used as online couple games on chat for sexting. So let the naughty games begin:

If you want innocent games for your first date, check this link. The article below is only for adult and mature couples.


cupid dating gamesCupid note: Do adjust the dating game according to the situation and the environment. You are in control of the naughtiness of the game. So you have to take into account the location and the situation you are playing the dating game in. Don`t blame the cupid for your lack of common sense.

So here we go:

1) Truth and dare

This one is a classic couple game, very commonly played all over the world. Do adjust the naughtiness of questions for this adult game according to your partner. Be careful not to offend the other person by asking ridiculous questions right at the beginning. Now you can enjoy some naughty games on the go. This is the most used online couples game used for sexting.

truth or dare naughty version

How to play:

Its a game with two choices truth and dare. If you choose truth, then the opposing person will ask a question which we have to answer honestly. If we choose to dare, then we have to do anything the other person dares you to do. Both people take turns. In case of a group a bottle or something of that sort is rolled to select the two players. A great naughty game for couples to explore their sexual fantasies.

2) Strip poker

A rather popular adult dating game. This played mostly in colleges and frat parties. Meant for adult couples who are looking for adult games. The perfect game for couples to spice up their sexual life. Depending upon whom your playing with you can even play in groups. Please don`t play this on your first date unless you’re a professional dumb person..!!!!

strip poker

How to play:

Based on the traditional poker but instead of money, clothes are the prize. Every time the person loses, he/she has to strip. Till the end when there nothing left but to make out on the bed. You do need to know how to play Poker to play this. So be prepared to enjoy this adult couples game with proper protection.

3) Kill marry shag

This is a rather funny and naughty game. Best to use on your second or third date when you get to know each other and want to have some naughty fun but not cross the lines. Its meant to be played in public places and parties. Be sure not to offend anyone, though.

How to play:

You pick out three people from the crowd or your friend circle. The other person has to choose a person to kill marry and shag for each person, respectively. Best for clubs and parties. Great way to hang out.

4) I’ve Never Ever

I`ve never is a drinking game where the friends sit in a circle with friends. Need not be alcohol, though. An adult game mostly played in groups and trips and while traveling. The idea is for both of you to drink and relax. And makeout while you are drunk depending on how close you guys are.

couple games

How to play:

It’s a drinking game. Each person says something like “I`ve never ever kissed a girl,” then all people who have kissed have to drink a glass. Then the next person does the same, and the game keeps ongoing. It`s a great game to get acquainted with each other. Cannot be played as a online couple game.

5) Naughty Jenga

Naughty Jenga is an adult version of the traditional Jenga. An excellent adult foreplay game if you want to get your date in the naughty mood. You can also lower the naughtiness level and play it with your new girlfriend as well.

How to play:

Every Jenga block has a naughty written task on it. When you remove the Jenga, you have to do the task from the block you just removed. The tasks should be written by both to make the couple game a lot more exciting.

6) Dirty dice

It’s an adult version of a dice game. The die and the tasks need to be prepared beforehand, though. Best for those couples looking for adult dating games to spice up their romance.

dirty dice

How to play:

While playing dirty dice, you have to do the task the die throw reveals. All naughty dirty tasks are written to all the faces of the dices. Tasks corresponding to the number have to be done. Make sure the lucky sixes give you plenty of adult action if you know what I mean.

7) Mystery massage naughty version

This is a naughty and touchy-feely adult game. Don`t play on your first date. People seem to be doing these daredevil tasks a lot these days. Do be clean and smell great while playing this game. You need to turn on the other person, so be adequately prepared.

adult dating games

How to play:

Here the other person closes their eyes, and you let them feel one part of your body. If the person guesses correctly, he/she wins. If he/she guesses wrong, he/she strips. Sexy isn`t it. Do be careful about her limits. Some girls are prude by nature and will be offended by this adult dating game.

8) Kindu (Yes No Maybe) adult game

This is a high school and college game. It’s even excellent for parties and clubs. Depending upon your questions, it can be an adult dating game. Adjust the questions to get the naughtiness going.

How to play:

Here one person asks a question, and the other person has to answer it with yes no or maybe. Both people take turns. In case of a group a bottle or something of that sort is rolled to select the players.

9)Who`s naughtier?

This is a dating game invented by none other than your very own Cupid. Do check out the premade list of naughty riddles cupid has collected over the years. An excellent couples game for turning up the naughtiness of your relationship and also getting out of the friend zone by clearing your intentions for those that need it.

dating games

How to play:

Two people take turns in asking each other naughty adult riddles. The person with the naughtiest mind loses. Questions are always double meaning and adult. You can play online and face to face as well. Let the naughty adult games begin..!!!

10) Scavenger Hunt

It’s a treasure hunt where the prize is the sexy you. Meant to be played by mature sexual couples only. Noobs don`t try this at home. Meant to be performed by girls. The sexy girl is the prize.

dating games

How to play:

Invite your boyfriend to your house. Leave notes and clues around the house, starting with the front door. You’ll have to have plenty of time to prepare before he gets home because the secret prize is you with some of the best sexy lingerie you have…!!! The perfect ADULT game for your lover.

Danger warning: Do plan appropriately so that there are no uninvited guests. The last thing you want is your parents to come in for a surprise. 

11)Fantasy Box

A very sexy adult game to get your wildest fantasies going with your lover. Meant to be played by mature couples only. Do be prepared to do what you’re going to do when you get your favorite fantasy in your hand.

adult dating games

How to play:

Grab a bowl or a hat to use as a container. Take a few pieces of paper and write down your fantasies on each one. Keep your secret from his/her fantasies and don’t peek or cheat either. Fold and put them into the container, and take turns drawing them out and doing whatever the fantasy says. You may want to set boundaries before you start writing, so each partner knows what the other is comfortable with.

If you have the fantasy of finding a gamer girlfriend, then this guide is perfect for you. I hope the Cupid can make your fantasies come true.

12)Body Paint dating game

This game is sexy but can get a lot of messy paint all around. It requires a lot of preparation. And you’re going to have to shower after this so be sure to be prepared beforehand. Naughty showers are always welcome. The best adult dating game, according to many ladies.

couple games

How to play:

Put out a sheet of plastic or a couple of layers of paper and paint each other’s bodies with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or whatever tasty thing you kind find. Do make sure to take care of allergies and stuff which might harm both your skin.

Take off your shirts and use your fingers to “write” short notes or “draw” pictures on each other’s backs. See who can guess the message or picture in the shortest amount of time. Make out and taste each other in all the naughty places you can. Naughtiness overloaded

13) Naked Hide and Seek.

This adult game is as straightforward as its title. I hope you can understand it pretty quickly. Meant for mature adults only. Plenty of fun, mainly if you recently fought and made up. Let the childish side inside you have some naughty fun.

adult dating games

Danger warning: Do plan appropriately so that there are no uninvited guests. The last thing you want is your parents to come in for a surprise. 

How to play:

When your house is empty and well secured, strip your clothes off and go on a naked hide and seek game. The rush and thrill can lead to a more fulfilling and thrilling sex life. This is a game which as children I’m sure you have played a lot and doing this now that your grown-ups can give you a feeling that you’re still young and playful. Do this especially if you want to spice up your relationship.

14) Sexy Twister

Twister was a phenomenal couples game when it was first released. It showed up in a lot of series such as big bang theory. The idea is to add a naughty twist to the regular twister game.

adult dating games

How to play:

It is played by using a vast mat spread on the floor. It also has a spinning wheel to determine the sequence. The mat has circles of different colors where you will mount your hands or legs *left leg blue, right-hand yellow*, etc. Play it with your partner naked to turn it into an adult dating version of Kama Sutra. A great game for mature couples.

15) Two Truths and a Lie.

This is another one of those getting-to-know-you games. It is originally meant for first dates. But can be played by more mature couples as well by making the game more naughty. Only the questions and punishments will change to become adult and naughty.

How to play:

You start by telling your partner two truths about you and one lie. Your partner then has to guess and find out which one is the lie among the three things you said. You each take turns and, in the process, find out a lot of *juicy* secrets about each other. As punishment for not guessing correctly, you can add stripping.

16) True or False

Another modified version of the previous game is “True or False.” This is a great way to break the ice on a first date. But it can be enjoyed by adult couples who are bored by regular games. And it’s also a great way to get to know each other more intimately. There are many online couple games based on truth or dare as well.

truth and dare

How to play:

One of you will tell the other some piece of personal information, and the other has to guess if it’s true or false. Meant for couples who want to play a light-hearted naughty game. This dating game can be made more naughty by adding stripping punishments as well.

17) Romantic scrabble

Scrabble is one of those few couple games that everyone is aware of and played at least once in their lifetime as kids. But have you ever romantically played this, naughty way? It is a must-try for new couples to heat-up things, and it deserves its spot in one of the most popular naughty games according to Cupid.

naughty scrabble

How to play:

You can also add some more fun to this couple game while adjusting the naughty game by choosing the category like Kiss scrabble or Strip scrabble. On scoring of set points (ideally 30 or 40), your partner has to kiss you, or they have to remove a piece of clothing.

18) Naughty Battle strip

Remember the game Battleship? If so, then I’m sure you know how it goes. A great naughty game with lots of stripping involved. But if you need me to guide you anyway, then here goes.

How to play:

The ultimate goal of Battleship is for each player to try to sink the other’s ships and to save yours. In Battle Strip, the stakes are higher. Each time you successfully sink one of your opponent’s ships, they have to take off one piece of their clothing. Those hours of gameplays as kids are surely paying off, isn`t it..??

19)Naughty Snakes and ladders

An adult version of the regular snake and ladder game. Its time to show off those dice skills. Best to play with your partner. But you can also modify conditions to make it group friendly.

snake and ladder naughty version

How to play:

Similar to regular Snake and Ladder. Just that instead of just getting eaten by a snake, you are getting a stripping punishment as well. Also if you get the lucky ladder, then you get to do something to your partner. Be it kissing or giving a hickey. Let the naughty games go wild.

20) Online couple games

gaming girl

There are plenty of online couple games available on steam and other places all over the internet. Some are the adult and sexual kind. Be sure to check out the online couple games list made by the Cupid. Couple games vary from  RPGs to proper fetish games. Many have age restrictions so only play online couple games that you are allowed to play.

Cupid Tips for being A perfect romantic Host:

  • Prepare plenty of snacks especially chips and popcorn
  • Prepare prizes for winners, so it becomes more interesting
  • Keep romantic music in the background
  • Keep your place clean and neat.
  • Have plenty of drinks available in your fridge. (Wine is recommended for those romantic moments)
  • Keep romantic lighting if possible, candle lights
  • Make sure to keep naughty games ready

Bonus Game:

Roleplaying is one of the best adult dating games there, especially if you have some naughty fantasies. Be sure to try this with your partner. Be it Docter patient or master-slave. Play your fantasy game to your heart’s desire. Enjoy the romance and the foreplay

roleplay naughty

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the adult dating games. Do Share and help Cupid Grow if you do know more adult dating games. Do share your dating games experience in the comment sections below.

If you recently started dating then the below dating games are recommended for you rather than the naughty games listed above.

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