10 Skills Every Man Must Learn

A lot of us men tend to think that that we know everything but the reality is it couldn’t be further from the truth. We fail to realize that the most important life lessons are not taught in school but in real life by experience.

We may have a good job or good grades in college but that’s not everything in life. In order to become a truly amazing human being and an attractive alpha male, you need to learn a lot of skills that won’t be taught in books but need to be experienced in real life. Having the necessary skillsets can help you grow and thrive in the real world.

Life is all about learning and growing each and every day. Below are the top 10 skills every man must learn. But if you feel like learning more then don’t hesitate. The more you have the better off you will be:

1) Basic First Aid

Although this is not a skill that you will require every day, but its probably the most important skill you need to master. Knowing first aid is a must for everyone.

You never know when life might throw a nasty curveball at you. Accidents don’t give warnings. And first aid skills can save lives like no other. You need to know the basics of how to clean and dress a wound. You also need to know mouth to mouth breathing as well as other basic first aid skills like bandaging etc.

This is an important survival skill not just to be an attractive man but also to save lives. Saving lives is more honourable then showing off your status. Never forget that.

Basic First Aid Practice is the First Skills Every Man Must Learn

2) Fashion Sense and Styling

Most men don’t give a second thought to buying clothes. Not all clothes are the same. You need to buy clothes that fit well. That suits your body type and some matching color combos that make you look cool.

Dating girls aside, you need these skills for jobs and businesses alike. Presentation matters. You don’t need to buy expensive branded clothes but you need clothes that fit you well and look good on you. Especially if you are wearing a suit for business and job requirements.

When you look good you feel good and your confidence and self-esteem increase as well. Getting tailored clothes is also a good option if you are having trouble finding the right clothes for your body shape.

Have a Good Fashion Sense

3) Nutrition and Health

You don’t need to be a body builder but you need to be fit and healthy. With our current generation being lazy and living in the most comfort humanity has ever experienced we have been neglecting our health and fitness.

Being healthy and physically strong shows off your alpha man skills as well as ensures that you will live long. Due to poor health and nutrition, the average life expectancy has dropped sharply.

People reaching the age of 70-80 is considered lucky nowadays. Most people don’t live that long. The reason is bad eating habits and lifestyle. Not to mention the medical expenses just the thought of being in pain and stuck in bed should be enough motivation for you to work out and be healthy.

Learn to take care of your health and lifestyle. It’s probably the most important skill every man should learn.

Intake More Nutritions to Maintain Good Health

4) Fighting

Probably the most underrated skill on the list. Every man has to master fighting. This has nothing to do with being a bully and picking fights. You need to be strong physically and be able to defend yourself and your family if the need arises.

That’s what it means to be a man. Stop giving excuses. Life is unfair and it always will be. If you are getting robbed or are in danger you have to save yourself. Stop the damsel in distress act. You’re a man.

Take responsibility for your life and learn how to fight. Take martial arts classes. Mixed martial arts is most recommended. Being able to fight and defend yourself is a must if you want to live life freely. It makes you a manly man. Make sure to master it.

Learn Fighting Arts like Karate, KungFu,,Boxing, etc

5) Mastering Finance and Money

In life, if you master how money works you will never have any shortage of it. If you are having financial problems right now then you need to learn those skills. Youtube is the best bet if you are broke.

You can learn any skill from youtube and use it to earn money. There are many practical classes you can learn from. Books are another great source. Knowing basic accounting and taxes is also a must. Once you master that half of the work is done.

Every man has to be financially literate. Its no longer an option. So work hard and gather financial skills. You automatically become attractive and confident.

money annoying men`s mistake

6) Basic Carpentry, Plumbing, and Mechanical Skills

If you are a man then basic skills like changing your car tire and checking any issues with it is a must. Every car driver knows how often tires mess up. Getting a flat tire is a common occurrence. So is getting a leaky tap.

You need to master basic skills like these in order to save any dire situation. You can’t always ask for help for every little thing. Be a man. Learn how the basics work. You don’t have to be a full-fledged plumbing expert but you need to able to fix things around the house. Every woman appreciates a handyman.

If you want to learn those skills you can always find videos on youtube. So take the time and learn. Skills will never fail you in life. Learn to build or at least put together basic things like a drawer or a shelf.

Basic Carpentry, Plumbing and Mechanical are the skills every man must learn in free time.

Have a Good Practice for Carpentry and Plumbing

7) Cooking

Every man needs to know how to cook. Stop giving excuses and learn the skill. It can help save you money and ensure that you eat healthily. Rating from hotels is not good for your wallet and your health.

Girls appreciate a man that can cook. You don’t have to cook every day. Just make sure that you can cook on a rainy day. Sunday barbecues are on you, brother. Women love a man that can cook. Just don’t cook every day otherwise you will be taken for granted. Youtube and Cooking books are easy to find.

Learn Cooking in Free Time

8) Communication and Body Language

The art of communication and getting things done is a must for survival. Not just for men but women too. If you can’t talk and hold a conversation you are gonna fail miserably at your job and in business.

Your communication and body language is what attract people. Even women respond positively to good body language and communication skills. If you want to be an alpha man then you need to master the basics like giving a firm handshake.

Smiling and looking professional. Grooming helps and goes a long way. This is one of the harder things to master if you are an introvert but life is unfair. Learn to deal with it. No one is going to help you

Improve your Communication Skills

9) Dance

This may not seem like a necessary skill but whenever you are at a function or an event if you don’t know how to dance you will be standing awkwardly like a fool in the corner. I know we have all been there. Imagine having a chance of couple dancing with a pretty girl but having to reject it because you don’t know how to dance.

That’s the real burn. To avoid it, learn the basics of how to dance. Without it, you can’t even enjoy clubs and parties. Don’t just agree with me actually put the time to learn this skill especially if you want to be successful with women.

dance classes pick up girls

10) Negotiation and Bargaining

Be it in business or real life you need to learn how to negotiate. Learning to say no and asking for more is a must skill that every alpha man must master. You need to ask for what you deserve.

It’s part of being a man. Being underpaid? Ask for a raise. Want something for a bit cheaper than lower the price with a counter offer. In life, this is probably the only skill that will save you millions if not billions.

Making a business deal or getting a raise can be much more fruitful if you know how to negotiate and get the upper hand in the deal.

Negotiation and Bargaining skills must be learn by everyone

That’s all my dear Alpha Men. These are the Top 10 skills that will take you from a 2 to a 10 once you master each of them. I know some of them to need work and time but you need to master them in order to have a happy life.

Being rich is not everything. Life can throw a curveball any day. Learn to manage and adjust as needed. The more skills you master the better off you will be in life. At the end of the day, being a man is not easy but that’s why it’s worth it.

Just imagine being the perfect man you dream of becoming and start doing it. Every time you level up your attraction will go through the roof. I hope your attraction skills are high and you are rocking in life.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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